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  • Friday, September 15, 2006

    Happy Friday Peoples!
    I for one can not "TELL" you how happy I am that this week is over... My brain is literally fried from dealing with people all day long..... I have discovered that now- I have customers and clients that I relate to by name as "JackAss"...And no- this isnt about the movie. It is pretty much breathing hotness in your face Jack Asses..................
    You all, mucho grande PROPs to those that spend their times all day creating neat stuff to put on blogs.... Please take a moment to visit a few of those "blinie linkies" that I have listed and add a few dollars and some coinage to keep their sites going!
    Ladies, have you evah had a day where you just want to look at the world and say "Shut Up"? I am having one of those days- So Help Me Jesus....... People are just bothering me today, and I am normally not like that... My face hurts from smiling to much, I am irritable from listening to people whine, and my gosh, although my lunch was good...GREAT as a matter of fact, I am so bloated now I thought I would have to lie on the bathroom floor to button back up my blue jeans for goodness sake.......... Calgon please- if you love me, take me the Hell Away.....Far Away......
    OK......Today is FRIDAY so I have to do or "start" rather the Funky Friday Sound Off....Although this blog is fairly new- I am giving you all opps to send in your Funky Friday Shoutouts to other peeps! Cool eh? Ok....Word of Caution though..... Don't shout off any "rank Tank-Porn infested" shout outs on my blog ok? It's tacky and I want to keep my blog site free of garbage............Thank you Muchly!
    See, I am not that bad of a person.............
    Here Goes-
    Mighty Man Michael- Come home baby! Thats all I need to say
    Deborah- you need to get your blog fixed- or have someone mail you a new puter!
    T and Chyna- keep it real this weekend at the NOPI Show-
    Emme- this weekend is "YOUR" weekend gurl
    Jonathan- Hurry back and drop a line to this girl, you are missed!
    And the finale of the take a deep breath and shout out line- Dozier,Chris,and the rest of the crew youallhaveafanfreakintasticweekendanddontdranktomuchbeer
    And the thought of the day from me to all of you-

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