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  • Friday, October 03, 2008

    Cheese and Crackers people! I have been having a time lately. I have thus far cried until I couldn't cry anymore, and of course dropped a few pounds or so because of stress....Ok. so- here is the deal...

    I went to apply for another apartment. Ya know paying what I pay in this economy sucks major donkey balls. I mean, I found something way cheaper- and actually bigger than what I have. I only needed a year lease to get back on track. Ya know..thinkin ahead of the game as I always try and do.. So- what happens- they start giving me flack about me breaking my lease at my current aparment blah blah blah and this was on Wednesday- after being told Tuesday via voice mail- "Congratulations!" for getting the apartment. Yeah- but that aint the kicker...When I got the call on Wednesday I called a person in the know and arranged an appointment with the Asst. Manager for Friday....THIS is where I lose my shit! I go in and introduce myself to the asst. manager. She is giving me the cold shoulder. Like I just ate her last lunchable or something. She looks at me and says "I know who you are and there is nothing I can do to help you because you lied on your application your a convicted felon and we can't assist people like you." Yeah she said it and I brung it! I interrogated this cow like you wouldn't believe, but she just kept mum without any assistance but a "You need to come back tomorrow and have someone pull your file- they can go over it with you." PISSED people....that was me....Embarressed! You bet. I have never been in front of a judge and charged with anything! Not even blowing a fart in public! And yet I am a Felon by her words. Commence to reading...

    Saturday morning I go back calm and smiling and ask to speak to the leasing agent I was dealing with and she pulls my file and what do you know? NOTHING! That heffer had me confused with someone else! So- I have been calling a week now trying to touch base with the Corporate Office in California to respond to my call and what do you know? They don't even have the time or moment to listen. They won't respond to my messages. So if anyone out there is reading this shit- DO NOT RENT WITH BETHANY MANAGEMENT! and yeah you fuck tards I want my money back in full for the deposit!

    Second on the Jerry Springer list.. It seems that I have gotton myself into a pickle. I have befriended someone who happens to be Antonio Banderas in a wheelchair. We met through his family at church and he is really an awesome guy. A lot of people say men and women can't have friendships- I don't know if that is true but I think they can- anywho that being said with being that handsome- there is always something in the back that sends me warning signals, and thank gosh I listen and heed them, because ole' boy has been seperated for 3 years from his wife awaiting a divorce and I be damned if she didnt just show up out of the blue the other night at his families house and lost her shit! I never....EVER...knew the term Trailer Trash until a few days ago....Jimminy Cricket in my pantyhose this heffer is off the chain! Not only does she live with her "pimp" and yeah I said it- and it's true, but she literally grabbed her two young daughters- one is 2 the other is 5 and forced them to stand in front of this man (Anotonio Banderas in a wheelchair) and told them to say good bye to him forever because he was not their father that he just signed the birth certificate. People, all I could do was just sit there. I was horrified.. I have never seen anything like it nor been a part of anything like this. And what made it worse- she already started accusations which was fine by me. I knew what was going on as did everyone else but we just let her rant and rave. She was scorned- there is no sense on trying to talk when a person is in rage like that. Anywho- still reading???? good..I got a lot to say... She then turns to him and says- "So- this the bitch you like? Tell me I wanna know" and bless his heart his says: "Yes I like her, you dont live here, you have no right- get out!" and shit.hit.the.fan. Before I knew it 450 pounds of butter flab went for this poor man in the wheelchair. *sighs* Kids are screaming. We are pulling this tractor trailor off of him, a call to the police is made- and well, it's just drama yo! My nerves can only take so much. I tried to be respectable in front of the kids. I really did not want them to see me bitch slap this hag- but I did roll up in her face and tell her we could take it outside. I have never fought an over weight person before, and I am sure she probably would have kicked my ass- I am not ashamed to admit that- but damn it ya'll I was on fire. I had to slide my little sling back pumps off and remove my earrings in the event that it was going that route. But she just huffed out of the house like the engine that could and rolled off. I have never seen a man so scared of a woman. I have never known a man to have been abused. Until the other day.. I saw fear..and my heart wept....

    I did get a call late last night. It seems Ms. thang was still fuming- broke down the house door and went off again on this gentleman. This time his face is black and blue from where she punched him repeatedly and scratched him all on his neck...I went by to check on everyone and I was just saddend......All kidding aside......This man is a good man. He is already suffering from MS, and to be faced in an abusive situation like that is maddening... I cried...I felt bad because if he would have just shut his mouth and perhaps lied or something maybe she wouldn't have jumped him...And then I did ask him why he said what he did and he said it was because he had been alone for a long time, but ever since he met me his heart is happy. And people...I feel like shit....I am not worth getting an ass beating for you know?

    Alas, Ms. Trailor Park is in the process of moving this weekend back to Alabama..Something about her pimp is moving back to Mexico and doesn't want her and she needs to be gone by next Monday. Good freakin riddance I say....Because the next time, I may not be so respectable. I may just have to beat some ass and get beat to defend someone that is not in a postion to do it themselves. Hey- my world is never boring. and I lurve sharin it with you! Who the hell needs Jerry Springer when you got me? YO!