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  • Monday, October 09, 2006

    I think my secret lover Lenny Kravitz says it all-

    I wish that I could fly
    Into the sky
    So very high
    Just like a dragonfly
    I'd fly above the trees
    Over the seas in all degrees
    To anywhere I please
    Oh I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah, that was my theme song this time of year *and* month that I threw myself out of a plane... It was- I must say one of the scariest thrills I have ever completed.... I am an adrenaline junkie per se'... Now there are some people that are just way in that element, I myself am crawling sometimes hopping in that element where as some are running................ After this weekend, since I have so much pent up frustrations I figured I would do something differently and put together a Womens-Ladies- Adrenaline Group........ As I stated this is a thought..and normally when I think, I take action, which in turn causes others to either jump on board or move the heck out of my way....
    My rush on this day was 2 years ago... I was at work, and I just had the thought.... "I think I will go skydiving today."
    I got up from my cubicle area which I dubbed *The Zone* and walked into my supervisors office....
    Him-"Hey girly whats up?"
    Me- "Not much....Listen do we have anything going on today?"
    Him- "Not that I am aware of.... Why whats going on ?"
    Me- "Well, I think I am going skydiving today.......Actually, yeah, I wanna jump today, so I was wanting to know if there was anything pressing."
    By this time, he sets his coffee down and gives me this half grin and eye widening look.....
    Him- laughing...."Are you kidding me?"
    Me- trying to find whats so funny... "Ummm nope, I am serious...So.....I have everything finished on my end.. Compliances have already been filed, everything is logged, other than that I am sitting in *The Zone* on your time and time is money....So.....it's your call..."
    Him- still laughing... "Girl, you have got some balls.... Go ahead- have fun- tell us all about it."
    Me- "Cool.... Talk to you later."
    I go back to the zone and place a phone call......
    Me- "Marcie, you doing anything today?"
    Marcie- "Hey girl, just punching some numbers for the meeting next week whats up?"
    Me- "Didnt you say your fiance' was a JM?" (Jump Master)
    Marcie- "Yeah he is why whats up?"
    * She pauses*
    Marcie- "Oh Shit, are your jumping today?" she is ecstatic
    Me- "yeah, I am gonna go ahead and do it.. Can you call him and give him a heads up for me?"
    Marcie- "Girl, I will do one better for you! I will jump with you!"
    Me- "Cool! Ok well I am logging out of my pc now so I will be out there in the next hour ok?"
    Marcie-"Ok! Girl I am so excited and happy for you! See you at the DZ!" (drop zone)
    I drove to the site in silence..Second thoughts perhaps, but I wasnt backing out...I wanted the experience- the rush........ I pulled into the airport site and it was like a big party of comrades..The wall was a celebrity wall with people smiling giving thumbs up- a video player was playing videos of people that had jumped- all in all it was a beginning of a rush I have ever experienced......... I was one among 7 jumpers that afternoon..... The other 6 were all men celebrating a birthday of one guy who had just turned 21.... We all sat nervously in the class of what not to do, what to do...... The only part I could grasp was-
    "No matter what happens, Don't grab the JM or the cords!"
    Ok, I am thinking...If nothing releases on the way down, you better believe I am flipping my JM over in mid air so he can break my fall........ I am walking around the hangar and I hear this voice....
    "Hey beautiful, I am Steve and I will be your JM...."
    I nervously look at him and reply in a shaking voice..... "Hey...."
    "You scared?"
    "Yeah...I am....a nervous - fun scared if you can understand..."
    "You will be ok.... Just let me take care of everything and I will give you the ride of your life."
    Funny, I didnt think of it at that time, but that very well may have been the last of my life.... I walk around the hangar watching the JMs unrolling thier chutes and repacking them... Marcie shows up all dressed in a hot pink jump suit her blonde hair in a pony tail....She is hugging me and is so thrilled.....
    "Marcie, how many jumps do you have in?"
    "After today with you, 325..."
    Ok........My video camera man comes to introduce himself, and me and my JM head for the plane..... There are no seats.....We are all seated between each others legs.. My JM is behind me, and I am in between his legs, so on so forth..... There is alot of hooping and hollaring of who was the best, yada yada... The pilot then yells-
    Jumpers Up!
    The little side door opens, and all you hear is wind, and it's a little cold because it just rained..... The JMs are by this time, latching thier belts and buckles onto each students harneses... Everyone is out of the plane with the exception of Marcie, my JM and I.... She grins and hugs me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.
    "Just fly girl, See you in the DZ!"
    Poof she is gone........... My JM and I get up to the door of the plane...... All I see are clouds..Nothing else.... Ever seen the cartoon where the cat is arms stretched at an entrance and its claws are scraping the walls...? That would be me at that moment.....I started crying and babbling I changed my mind.......
    "Hey hey darlin!" Yells my JM...(Keep in mind he is not yelling at me, but yelling because we cant hear each other.....
    "Hey, you will be fine, but you gotta let go of the door!"
    "I changed my mind I want to go home!"....I am yelling back through tears....
    "Hey, you can do this alright??? Just hold on to your holster- I will count to three and we are going..........."
    "I am gonna give you the ride of your life darlin!" "Three!"
    You all....I think I had a heart attack right then and there.. I dont think he said 3... All I knew was that he grabbed onto my head and tilted it back to his shoulder and the fucker barrel rolled us out of that plane..... I can recall screaming alot, I can recall falling and nothing to grab.(14,500 feet Mind You)..To me it was endless....To them it was minutes. He grabbed my hands and had me hold them out and would tilt them in ways that caused us to spin in circles in mid air..........This went on for a few hours...(to me) and then our chute opened...It was quiet then and as I looked down all I saw was little houses, little streets, little everything. He then told me to pull on the chute cords this way and that which caused the chute to do circles in the air...And then our landing descent began... We went down pretty fast all, we missed our little X marks the spot and landed asses first in the grass somewhere.... The videographer- camera man comes rushing over to get my comments, I am still half in tears, laughing, and then I pass out.... It was all she wrote...
    I came to at the table with the other JMs.... They were laughing at me, showed me my video tape- which by the way will be up on here in the next week or so....We all laughed..However I was still shaking...They brought out the big Tequilla and gave me a few shots........ After an hour of not hyperventilating and ready to drive, I wished all goodbye, gave my JM a hug and drove home... They put a Tape in my car of my theme song by Lenny Kravitz Fly Away- without me knowing... I drove home still shaking with a smile, an aching throat and chest from screaming, a Video and Still photos of my Adrenalin rush for the year.............. People a month ago asked me after seeing my photos............ "will you ever do it again?" I used to say no... But now, I have digressed.... Life is meant to enjoy..Why just talk about doing something, and never doing it....
    Yeah- I will do it again..Soon as a matter of fact.... Wanna Fly Away with me?
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