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  • Friday, October 13, 2006

    FRIDAY People!
    We actually made it to Friday and I just want to drop to my knees and kiss the ground... This has just been a hellacious week not only for myself but for others... Dear Lord thank you... I drove in to work this morning without my radio on just to think ya know? I am so already counting down to 5pm people...
    Weekend plans? not for me... I am doing the blasted things I cannot do during the week so I can catch up on the weekend see? Like grocery shopping alone- because my kid hates that and says I spend to much time in one section to long...Oh well excuse me, I have to squeeze and flex certain veggies and fruits to ensure my hard earned money is valued by helping you maintain a balanced meal.....kids......they do not know how good they have it... I was trying to tell him when I was growing up- we did things like handball, double dutch, flag football...Ate watermelon in the grass, we even beat neighborhood kids up which we ended up being friends again the next day...but see today...all they know is video games..spending money from the imaginary tree....Thats ok though...When he does his chores tomorrow, momma is going to educate him in the school of hard knocks.He will be left outside all day to play.....my front door will be locked.....no video games...Ya gotta pee? go to the woods and let it go babes....you cant come back in until you get at least 8 hours of fresh air time.
    You all I still have not made it down the street as of late to see that family..I figured I would attempt today..I was leaning to it this morning, but as I got closer my heart rate sped up so I just kept going straight..I know I know...chicken? yeah I guess I am. I was kind of bluesing last night- So I figured that since I would take a night off from cooking or baking something, I would use my sons best friend to score us some tamales.... His mother makes the best tameles ever, but it takes alot of work so we all opted to drive around my hood to find some...Although I am black hispanic, my spanish sux- so I did the alternative route...
    Me- "Juan, we want chicken tamales mild"
    Juan- "ok...ms. callie do we want green or red sauce?"
    Me- "red"
    so- we go to this one place and it is loaded with all kinds of bakery items that makes a kid sweat and salivate right?
    Juan- "ms. callie, they only have green sauce for the chicken, red for the pork...Pork tamales.? who makes those...thats nasty..."
    Me- "dude, I dont do other peoples pork....stick with the pollo..*chicken*"
    Juan- "good idea......."
    We order 10 at a dollar each which are HUGE, 3 fanta sodas, one gynormic doughnut for Juan, and a cheesecake for my son....*the desserts sucked by the way* but we rated the tamales a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10... I am eating one as I type..It's ok...I like Juans mothers tamales better,you can taste her love.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    This is what my life is reduced to on occassions....
    My Son- "Mom! Will you sing that song?"
    Me- "What song?"
    he starts to hum it....
    Me- "No....I dont want to..."
    Him- "Mom, puleeeeze??? It's so cool how you do it!"
    By this point both boys are chiming in..So...here goes......
    "Diarrhea, Diarrhea"
    "Some people think its gross but its really great on toast"
    "Diarrhea, Diarrhea"
    "Some people think its ooky but its really great on cookies"
    "Diarrhea, Diarrhea"
    "When your laying in your bed, and its sticking to you head"
    "Its Diarrhea, Diarrhea"
    I stop...They are hysterical....
    Him- "Mom! You forgot the baseball line"
    Me- "fine....."
    "When your sliding in on your first
    and you hear a great big burst its
    Diarrhea, Diarrhea"
    "When your climbing up the ladder and you hear a great big splatter
    Its Diarrhea....Diarrhea..."
    Me- laughing and shaking my head.."No more ok???"
    They are still laughing..
    Him- "Guess your all farted out huh Mom...."
    Me- "yeah I guess I am...."
    Anyone care to switch places with me for a Day???? *laughs*
    SHOUT OUT's!
    Sheets- come take my picture..you do GREAT work....
    Hannah- you are loved and missed.
    Diva- You are in my thoughts and prayers...
    Dozier- you will be missed at the dogpound, but I know you have better butts to sniff.
    Jonathan- thank you for your kindness....
    T- please dont leave..*laughs* but I know...you have to go your way to succeed...
    And to the others that read and dont Post........Be safe and have a good one!