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  • Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Hey All- Check Out My New Job Application........

    Thank you for applying with Boca Mens Desires- Please fill in this application in it's entirety and to the best of your ability. Upon receipt your application will be screened and we will contact you within the next 3 days to schedule an interview with you. Once again thank you and good luck!
    The Boca Mens Desire Team

    Name- Callistre Don't you wanna know
    Age- mid 30's
    Height- non pygmy size nor green giant stature
    Weight- depends on how fast the current regimen kicks in.
    Race- Well damn, take your pick I a limited on the little squares that I am supposed to check.
    Breast Size- they are large right now...Do Breast Enlargements come with this plan??

    Tell Us More About You-
    Well, I'm a Pisces.... I am single...Been Married before, not looking to again at this moment or time. I am drug and disease free, and what else do you want to know???

    What Position Are you Applying For-
    I am applying for the position of Boca Princess Services...I do not classify myself as a hooker- because I am way higher in status.

    What Are Your Skills-

    I can put lipstick on by using my breasts as the holder
    I can half way tie a cherry stem in a knot..it takes me an hour so please do not ask me to demonstrate.
    I can make a human ice cream sundae and can lick it off before it melts. *Please- only lactose safe dairy ice cream*
    I am creative when using Pop Rock Candy and a can of coke.

    What Are You Not Willing To Do-
    Is it possible to see a Handbook First?

    What Is It That You Are Interested In That Is Compatible With Our Gentlemen-
    I believe as an upscale whore- Errrrrr.... pardon me... I believe as a *Boca Men's Princess Concierge Member* that the interests of the client is very eclectic and diverse in needs. Therefore, I cannot specifically name all interests in fairness to the client. However, be forewarned that I have no problem taking out my tazer, or one of my stilettos and will proudly display a whoop ass if need be.

    Please Tell Us Your Thoughts About The Following-

    Dining Out- Fine with me as long as I know ahead of time if I should wear a bathroom robe and slippers to the dining facility, or if I need to practice the art of table setting fit for a King.... (I wouldn't want to eat steak with a shrimp fork...no what I mean?? *winks)

    Concerts-Museums-Art Galleries-
    All cool with me....But...do any of these consist of the artistic viewings of where I need to bring a raincoat to sit on because the theatre seats are possibly soiled????

    Role Play-
    Might I suggest opening an account for me at Fredericks of HollyWood? They have an assortment of wigs, shoes.... *What baby- you want me to arrest you and treat you like a robber??? Spread Em!* Ooooops...Sorry..I get carried away..yes..Role Play is fine with me.

    Tell Us About Your Likes-Dislikes or an Ideal Meeting-
    An Ideal Meeting, would be someone cute..Not hard on the eyes, because I do like to flirt and stare at my Sugar Daddy...Errrr..Sorry..Companion.. I want him to be taller than me, and have all of his teeth...At least all the front and possibly the sides..The backs are ok... Oh- Please do not let him be severely overweight and sloppy..I will hurl....and images in my mind will reflect of Jaba The Hut instead of Zorro....A girl will want to grab a steak knife and start slashing.... Preferably a nice limo drive to get to know each other...Dinner somewhere nice so I can watch to see if he is an *inhaler* with his food or a savorer...... And yes, I have my reasons...Please make sure he doesn't smell.... I really like to sniff a man's neck and all and would really hate to keep turning my head if he tries to hug or kiss me..........Oh and the biggest things that maybe they may not think women notice... Please inform him to wear the proper kind of underware and socks.... Underware with photos of animals missing a nose- will make me laugh... Underware that have skid marks is a freakin no no.....underware and socks that have holes..Well, that will make me laugh too. But I am not that picky.

    Please tell us the pay rate you are seeking-
    Well, it depends on the Sugar Daddy..Errrr..Sorry... It depends on my companion for the evening...However I will not accept credit cards, IOUs, only crisp straight bills with that new ATM smell- the ones where President Benjamin Franklin looks like he had a face lift..He is my friend. And the pay rate- needs to be 3 of those or more an hour.

    Thank You For Your Time.... We Will Contact You Shortly-

    No- Thank you! And please hurry up and process my application..Christmas is coming up, and Momma needs a new pair of stilettos to rock for New Years Eve!
    Call a whore! Errrrr..Yes, Please call me. I would be so delighted!

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