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  • Monday, December 11, 2006

    OK All-
    got an email from someone that wanted to know about the Party Thing happening... OK- so this is what the deal is... MARCH 2007 People this girl is turning 37. Yeah I know...Spank Me why don't you... ANYWAYS- I thought about it, and I really don't want to wait for some of you to be caught off guard so here goes a precursor Invite...Did I say that right?

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    It isn't route 66 but it's still a party!
    When- March 3, 2007
    Where- Atlanta, Georgia
    Time- TBA
    Place- Click on the Text Please! HERE

    Now- yes I have heard some excuses like "I don't know what I will be doing then." or "I don't know let me think on it." or my favorite... "That is too far off".... Actually look at it this way- if you need to make a doctors appointment do majority of them say "Sure come on in tomorrow!" No they say "OK, the next appointment is one to two months later on this date." and what do you do? Well you grab a pen and or pencil and scribble that shit down on a milk carton. Bada Bing Bada Ding. So....scribble this date down, and start looking into plane tickets for those of you flying in for the week or weekend....

    That Guy- I know I had to touch base with you *early* considering your transition back to Italy

    Ammie and Wanda- just let me know

    Manuel from the Motorcycle Club- You all need to hop a flight this way would love to see you in your chaps.

    Erwin and Jane- We already spoke, and you will do your best.... *But* sister is coming your way in the summer. I know Visas are a pain.

    Da Diva- I already know you and booger...errrr...*boo* will be there! Ya confirmed that last night.

    Topless Guy- already know you will after whipping out the *black* card...

    Sheets- come on and Git Er Done

    Christy- She and her errr alter ego are already planning

    And gosh so many others I have already spoken too!

    People- by the time we are finished my table will be looking like the United Nations! Recognize!

    And for anyone else that wishes to join us- let me know. I can get discounts for a cool hotel with free amentities! And this party will be worth it... When the place of events have signs plastered every where saying "Dance At Your Own Risk" what does that tell ya!

    Anyways- there you have it... Just something to keep in mind and look forward to...


    Manuel, Erwin and Jane- Momma is trucking it your way in summer 2007... Be ready to show me around. My passport needs stamping.