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  • Friday, February 15, 2008

    Ok so on yesterday I celebrated Happy Singles Valentines Day, and because of my post- I just wanna tell you that not only did I get 2 emails relating to some of the things I listed, but even some poor guy who doesnt even read my blog- but that I work with- walked past my desk and expressed how when he got home he and his wife got to arguing so bad that he tossed the flowers in the garbage, walked out and spent his time at Hooters. Sad but true..... See?????????????
    Anyways- my son and I exchanged candy and a card- I made pizza which by the way- I love those cheap ass Totinos and Cambells Soup! We had that and started watching a movie. Now- if your a beaver and have teeth hold on to something because I about upchucked from shock about the movie we rented. Although I am somewhat liberal in things concerning my son- I do have an iron hand at times and I can put him on lockdown real quick when he "thinks" he can challenge me. there are times that I allow an R movie to be watched- depending on the nature and maturity level..... So- we both a few nights ago saw the preview for the movie 23. We both thought- ummmm seems kinda scary thriller- let's rent it...... We got all cozy in our comfortables and huddled up on the sofas and started to watch this movie.. The first 20 minutes or so I was getting a little bored but hung with it somewhere and then the thought of Jim Carey-Ace Ventura was thrown right out the window people. No one- not even the ratings said anything about seeing Jim Carey conducting soft porn S and M style throughout the WHOLE MOVIE! and when I say the whole movie..I mean..the WHOLE MOVIE..... I flipped the switch and shut the movie down and looked at my son who bug eyes looked at me....
    Me- ummmmm ok...this aint happenin....either we watch transformers again for the onehundredthsixtymillionth time- or we play a board game- any ideas?
    Him- I would rather go to my room and play guitar hero.
    and he gets up and gives me a kiss on the cheek and goes to his room and closes the door. So now I am left with the WTF look of what to do now......so.... I take the movie and go to my room and finish watching. Mainly because I really wanted to see the end of who was doing what- and yet I still had to bear watching this man that I at times thought was so funny- now show his ass..."literally"...and I think I saw his peepee also, and people......for all that is wonderful in gumdrop land....Jim Carey looks to be a great lay! THERE! I freakin said it! He got game!
    Anyways....during this movie- Hope texts me and asks what I'm doin... I didnt go all out and tell her I was kinda dry heaving my pizza- but I did manage to say this:
    me-"Gurl, if you have ever wondered about Jim Carey being able to be serious and having sex, rent the movie 23. theres your answer."
    her response- "I'll go rent it."
    arent we sick individuals?????? LOL anyways....that was my evening people. I hope you all had a great one too..and oh yeah...guess what?
    "It's Friday Ya'll!"