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  • Thursday, February 14, 2008

    PhotobucketDid you really think ole callie was just gonna let this day of all days just silently slip by without me giving some lurve? I think not! Expect the best from this blog queen people and relish. As we all know today is the day next to Christmas that can either break your bank account, or possibly your relationship. Your choice. Consumerism is a bitch yo! However- for all you singles out there that arent getting a vase of 200.00 roses that will wilt in the first week- don't fret! For all of you singles that feel no one cares about you and that your day will never come. Shake that shit off and listen up. Today by the time I am finished, is going to be your day! TRUST!
    First of all let me break it down to you of why today is a good day for you and why you should be happy amidst the so called love hoopla.
    1. You get special treatment for dining alone at a fancy restraunt. YES! you do!!! More special treatment than a couple unless someone is celebrating a birthday or dropping a cubic zirconia in spritzer water . You get dressed up and go have yourself a really nice meal and enjoy it!
    2. You do not have to deal with chaos and drama of a partner! Singles....if nothing else that I write does not resonate with you- please let this one sink in... DRAMA....you can create your own drama if you have a need for excitement. You do not need a partner to do that shit for you! Today you can wake up and watch other people fall all over themselves expressing how much their boo lurves them, only to sit back with a bag of popcorn 2 days later and laugh as they come back your way expressing their utter emotions of how they wish they werent married! Watch and see! Today... No Spousal Drama!
    3. You can do whatever you want without permission! Hellz yes! If you wanna get up in the middle of the night to make a coffee run you can do that! If you want to eat soup and sandwiches for a week you can do that! You can flirt- you can live life and not have to get permission! "Yesssssssssssss" Napolean Dynamite style!
    4. So what if your not getting flowers today! Hello! You buy your own and send them to yourself! No shame in that- know why????? Because before anyone can love you- you have to love yourself! "YEssssssssssssssssssssss"! your special- every day. Those couples are only special today. the rest of the year they are miserable trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.
    5. There are plenty of singles party without the Hook-Ups...Revert back to numbers 2 and 3 and when you feel all else has failed- visit your local Blockbuster movies. Buy the bucket deal and just chill.
    6. If your single and have kids- Shazam! You just look at those soulful eyes and spread the love and let them spread that unconditional love back at ya! That there is a special Valentines!
    Singles...I could ramble on and on- but I wont... You just gotta do this on your own today. Dont try and flush someones flowers down the toilets and all that. Just come back here and read this list and keep thinking about number 2 and 3....... And singles...for goodness sakes!- I just had someone leave from my desk that said this....
    "Happy Valentines Day!" and she gave me a handful of candy. Your response: "Awww thanks! this is Happy Single Valentines Day!" and of course expect some dialogue and this will give you great practice...
    She- "Your single?"
    Me- "I sure am!"
    She-"But doesnt that make you feel lonely? It's Valentines Day and everyone should feel loved!" and I think she did one of those "Omygosh I think Im gonna faint cause shes single today of all days looks"
    Me-" apparently, I am not that lonely if your stopping by to bring me candy and wish me Happy Valentines Day. Besides, your only lonely if you want to be. I have the ability to party 365 days a year by myself and not sweat a monkeys balls in the slightest. "
    Enuff said my Single brothers and Sisters! Enjoy your day! Don't let this bull bring you down!