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  • Saturday, June 14, 2008

    It has been yet another busy week for me people and today is no exception. It is after all the day of my little fiesta thingy I am planning and I have alot to do and only so much time yo! But before I get to dishing the goodies on last night- let me do a few much needed shout outs!

    1. PELE- How bout this one...Remember that christmas package you sent to me last year, and I never got it? How bout I got it yesterday! and I laughed..Out Loud....Rollin on the floor..laffin my ass off.....Yep I got it, AND the post office owes me another bag of chocolates because they expired in May of 08....But thats ok- I threw them in the freezer. It's all good still....At any rate- MAHALO... and gurrrrl. Thanks for the Pamprin because I have been crampin like a mofo! you rawk.

    2. KEV!!!! bout time you got your ass back to the realm to let me know all is well and that you are once again getting the blog itch. Because you have been gone for such a while I have to lament with SlickSumbitch on his site, because I think he understands me from a different perspective and he and I and his lovely wife in time i am sure will toast our new friendship over a few drinks that I aint payin for because I do not engage in cheap ass beer. I have missed you and the lovely Rimbina, and you owe me a ride on your back at how many feet? you rawk sox!

    Onward...last night people. I took the RSVP card I received for an art unveiling exhibit and high tailed it downtown atlanta to view the artworks of "FRABEL" I had a GRAND evening!(and yes click on the bold text.) The artwork is stunning, the unveiling of his new piece the Liberty Tree was gorgeous, the wine and cheese and presentation was awesome, AND so is he! And yep. I got a picture with him, and he autographed my book and I met some awesome people- which I will not name because of I guess Publicity reasons, and well- I felt like Cinderella- minus the Prince and pumpkin and having to be home by midnight. I then went to a Vietnamese Foodie place and ordered something off the menu that I should not have. I mean the food is very beautiful in presentation and all that- BUT I ordered a shrimp skewered dish and that arrived on a huge platter with garnishments, and then the server brought a huge bowl of hot water and a plate of what I "thought" were napkins..Ok Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman" watch out because I have just royally screwed this experience up and laughed it off to being a true Georgia Fried chicken eatin woman. Well, first of all I was hungry. I had not eaten since 9am on yesterday and the cheese and cracker wine thingy just made it worse. So- I skipped on over to a nearby eatery. As I am sitting at my table eye balling all of the glory in front of me, I did look around the room to try and see anyone else that was eating what I ordered and to no avail, all I saw were other vietnamese patrons slurping noodles from a bowl, so I did what I "thought" was best. I dipped my hands in the hot water bowl and "tried" to use one of those napkins sitting on the plate only the bitch started to stick to my hands like glue...I just could not figure it out. Finally my server walks by and possibly laid a golden egg only to whisper to me, "Have you ever done this before?" "ummmmm no- but my hands are sticking to the napkins" was my reply. he laughs and says- "Oh! those arent napkins, they are rice paper wrappers. You see, you make your own rolls...You dip the wrapper in the water and then add your food and wrap it. Like a eggroll..." Ok......I am looking like boo boo the freakin clown by now- so I play that shit off and proceed to give it a go- only my shrimp was skewered nicely but still had the skin and legs on and they were hard to pull off the stick, one went flying to a booth across from me. Thank goodness no one was there and I got up real quick and swiped it, it took forever to peel one of those critters, and well to make a long story short, my first wrap was horrid, and gooey, I was pissed at having to work hard to eat, I am hungry, it is now almost 9:30 and I got pissed and just ended up eating a lot of bean sprouts and rice noodles. It was the quickest thing I could pick up and put into my mouth. AND I woke up this morning, still hungry. I feel like cartman from south park...

    Yeah- I am so classy. I went from cinderella to cartman all in one night in a few simple hours. See? my life is grand!

    ciao peeps- will keep you posted on if my seniors made it through the chili pepper contest. HA!

    lurve me.