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  • Thursday, September 04, 2008

    People- the sky is falling. It really is. For starters.....I am half dressed "literally" trying to get to work to the frantic screaming of my child and his friend yelling that someone was taking my truck. I of course trying to remain calm tell my son to go to school not worry I would handle it. Come to find out my truck was not the only vehicle being taken but others as well. Seems that a piece of paper informing tenants that pavement work was going to be done was half assed sent to tenants doors over the weekend, and one placed on peoples vehicles after 10pm last night. I had been out of town for the weekend and the only thing I received was a pizza delivery mailing and a taxi solicitation. So- I am on the phone in tears half this day trying to get this rectified, with no help from the Leasing Management, the Police Department -Towing Company, and now I have to shell out 175.00 to get my truck back. Yeah- when it rains it fuckin pours people. I am about to lose my shit. Stay tuned to the 6pm news, you may see Callie in action as "BLAMBO"- Black Rambo for those that dont know but wanna be in the know.

    In other news- Don't even yank my shit about that fiasco of the so called football game. Not only was I stuck in Redneckville at the Super8 Motel for a family reunion, BUT the game was only pay per view so I was not even able to watch it. That would be a good thing I guess because according to the ESPN breaking news updates- my team sucked major donkey balls. It got to a point that I was so upset I couldn't stand it anymore-threatened to burn my jersey and instead watched how to be a jackass and catch a giant anaconda in the amazon somewhere on Animal Planet. Might I add that this guy was way beyond jackass mentality because you would not catch a minority doing that. We do alot of things but- not jump in infested waters trying to catch a so called beautiful anaconda. werd to ya mutha yo! PS did I mention that the one he caught first was a baby and latched onto his hand like a babe to a tit and bit him and wouldn't let go? yeah..riiiiiigggggghhhhht.

    Also in the news, I have befriended a group of guys while playing racquetball. They saw me playing and asked how long I was using the court because they wanted to play handball. Ever since then they show up and we all play. I use my racquet they use their hands (which I might add must hurt because they are always wincing after a good 10 minutes or so slapping a ball around a glass court). anywho- last night It was 9 of them and me. I played one on one against 4 guys. Did very well I might add until the ball was slapped at maybe 95mph and landed right in my left eye. Yeah that hurt. I had to sit that one out for a moment to regain my site- versus sending imaginary winks- the ultimate play was me and this guy, going at it! It was sweeeeeet- and then all of a sudden it turned from Callies glory to Marsha Brady just like that yo! That ball had a vengeance and slammed right into my nose. I leaned over and tried not to cry but it didnt work as the blood trickled to the floor. They all came running with towels and stuff trying to make it better. I just told them to hold on one moment, ran to the bathroom- dried my tears and stuffed kleenex up my nostrils and ran back in to play. They thought that shit was reaaaaallllll funny. So...it was me and them and kleenex hanging out my nose for a bit. it was as I call it a CALLIE CLASSIC MOMENT I tell ya!

    So- that is all for today- however I will update you all later on the family reunion. Gotta lurve family people.