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  • Monday, June 08, 2009

    I kid you not! Sitting at my house the other night gettin my wine on and watching tv and I happen to look real hard at this guy on a tv show which I cannot recall- but if I throw out some hints I am sure someone can remind me- but anyways it's the show of the half sisters(black) who have different mothers that live in the same building. Anywho- as I am sippin and watchin I think to myself- MY Gosh! THAT is a fine black man right there! and I am looking and looking and then I say to myself- Well, I don't think he is black maybe hispanic or something but he still is fyne! And I look closer and I be damned if it didn't dawn on me as to who he was....

    "Joey Lawrence"...and what followed was a - "Whoa" on my part. Where has he been all this time, and by gosh that child is no longer a child but a man and when he took his shirt off and well...you know what I mean right?

    So- no more drinking for me. I am now stuck at home without my child for the next 2 months and I am miserable. He went to grandmas and grand dad for the summer and well, needless to say things are really "quiet"

    I met someone. I mean- we "talk"....He is very handsome, kinda quiet until I get him to talking- and we seem to have a lot in common. But guess what? He is a preacher. Yep. If that did not make you blow a fart I dont know what else I can say that would. But yeah- me....A Preachers Wife. I shudder...hehehehehehe

    On another night of drinking, I watched Australia and .......Oh my gosh.. Hugh Jackman.....I would drink his bath water....and lick him dry....he just makes me wanna goo. And that little boy Nullah is the CUTEST! that was the best glass of wine ever.

    I also saw in the same night- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Needless to say I was a snotty mess by the end of it all...

    I think I broke my hand or broke a bone in my hand or something. Ever since my ass hit the frozen sidewalk when we had that freak blizzard in Atlanta a few months back- I cannot bend my hand at times and it hurts in the joint in my Kiss my ass finger.

    It is Monday I am hungry. till then...Laterz peeps!

    Pele and Sera- you rawk. Just thought I would let you know.