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  • Thursday, November 01, 2012

    First of all let me say this morning has been a piece of work for my ass. Yes. exactly. I took off today to go and participate in the early voting process to re-elect President Barack Obama. *You like how I said that don't ya?* Yeah that's right. I am voting for President Obama again- so anyone that comes across my page that has some shit to say about it- "brrrrring it."
    It was a cluster fuck of a dilemma. I went to the polling place that I was to go to only that was closed. so I call the number and I am given 5 other precincts scattered in the ATL to go to, only to be given the details of the scattered location about 45 minutes away to only find out my closest place was ummm 10 minutes from my house. "Assholes".....enough said. I had some guy nick my truck racing to a parking space I was waiting on- he decided he couldnt wait and tried to do a cut around only to nick me and almost ran into another vehicle in the opposite direction ....yeah he got my wrath this morning. I went all upside his damn head. Then 2 more cars ran into each other trying to race to a parking space. Keep in mind there were 2 on duty Sheriff Officers there, but I guess they were on coffee and doughnut break because they sure as hell werent concerned with the parking lot fiascos.The wait time for me was an hour. But I got it done, and I am happy.

    Second- on to the Shankfest. "Dear Mr. Fucking Bumper Humper.....I did and do not appreciate you humping my bumper as I was trying to get to my polling place this morning. Not only did you think riding my bumper would get you where you needed to be any quicker, but a bitch like me that can eat, text, put on lipstick, swallow a cup of coffe while shifting gears- knows how to agitate people like you even more, and so I did by driving the speed limit of 55mph. I enjoyed glancing in my rearview mirror from time to time watching your already white face turn a shade of beet purple red. And you have the nerve to whisper under your breath how you hate *coloreds*..at least I stay the same shade. I laughed and gave you the deuces sign as you sped from behind me and to the side of me cussing I am sure...what really was my highlight was watching you do all that just to sit behind the garbage truck as I pulled a Too Fast Too Furious drive by on your ass.. fuck you Mr. Bumper Humper. and have a nice day."

    "Dear Ms. ummmm I dunno what lard is *whilst popping gum as you are attempting to serve me food.* Look maam...not only does popping gum while talking, meditating, or whatever irritate the shit out of me but so does playing a bimbo on crack. Stop the madness and think about something...If you are a server your goal is to treat me special for at least 45 minutes, and then I leave you more than the standard required tip, because hey I know what it's like working for 3 bucks an hour and hoping to get a good tip......But when I smile and I ask you a question and all you can say is ummmm... ummmmmm.... i dunnooooooo.... for all that is holy I want to slap a bitch! Take the initiative to say: "You know maam, I do not personally have an answer BUT give me a moment and I will find out." grrrrr.....and omgeeee.......at least take the time to do an appearence makeover check. Your black pants and black shirt with your apron was fine..UNTIL you turned around and I had to stare at your Sponge Bob Square Pants elastic underware.... I still left you a tip but damnit, get your shit together. Lose the gum, fix your clothes and take initiative."

    And with that folks, its a wrap!