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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    The New Orleans Saints!!!!
    I mourned with you, and now I celebrate with you!!!
    Good Morning All- We are now on Tuesday and headed for the halfway mark of another week finished! By the way- Recall on my 50 things to know about me list I stated that on Mondays and Tuesdays that I do not answer my phone during Prison Break or House MD ??? How about my mom could have been having some issues and I did not pick up. I kid you not people.... She called right during the part when the Rapist Perv- Aryan Brotherhood guy was getting the Homer Simpson"Doh" look when that lady was telling him she didnt want him- she wanted some of Lincoln.....Needless to say it was a crucial moment for me as I had to see who was calling and it killed my suspense buzz..... *sighs* I must admit, I would be wanting some of Lincoln too, he is tooooooooooo fyne.....
    This is the season where thoughts come into my head that I dont think of during the summer or spring...... I guess if you really think about it, I am not the only one that has thoughts like that. You know- some people say that certain scents bring certain memories to ones mind- well that is to be said of clothing, or even seasons..... Fall and Winter to me is a symbol of death per se' while Spring is the rebirth....... Fall for me- is Fall Festivals, Hot Chocolate, and Cozy moments watching tv or a movie on a weekend.........It is also a charming memory of a fish called BUBBA....
    I know I know...How can I be so caught up in a fish.....Well, throughout my life thus far I have had numerous pets- and each one was unique..There was snickety the snake, pearl the kitten that I rescued from a drainage ditch that I crawled in when I was skinny, numerous dogs- the list goes on...Each was unique in charachter and charm....
    Bubba was a Beta Fish....Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHe was BEAUTIFUL with tones of angelic red fins with hints of purple...He had a cute condo that I decked with the prettiest of marbles to compliment his fins and the most gorgeous of aquatic plant life that he would sleep or hide in.. Bubba was unique in that when it came to feeding time, I would take a pinch of food and hold it at the surface and he would come and nibble it from my fingers....Of course he was also a showstopper also when I would show him his reflection in a mirror he would poof out his fins as if Patti Labelle was Reincarnated flaunting the new attitude hairdo.........He was....beautiful......... The weather started to get cold in October, and I recall clear as a bell my former boss telling me-
    "You might wanna take Bubba home when the holidays come up, because the heating unit will be off..."
    No problem, I was going to do that.but one particular weekend the temps had fallen and when I returned back to the office It was freezing cold, and there was Bubba....*sighs* He was dead...Deader than a doornail...The water was a murky grey, and he was floating sideways at the top.... I was heartbroken...Bubba was my longest lasting fish I had ever had after a year....He was the company mascot...... My boss came in and she didnt have the words to say.......I was in tears and well, I braved it, by saying a few little words, and placed Bubba in the porcelain casket and flushed the toilet.....I was washing my hands and drying my face, and suddenly...something caught my eye........ I looked into the toilet and jimminey christmas, would you believe there was Bubba, back from the Toilet Bowl of death swimming in all his damn glory! I was ecstatic and ran down the hall screaming he was alive- found a plastic cup- ran back to the bathroom and scooped him out and placed him back into his home where he lived for another year.... When he died that time, I had to put him out of his misery....My friend Petey flushed him down the toilet because Bubba, developed some kind of neuro issue to where he swam in ballet circles..His body was curved like a croissant, so he swam that way in the same spot....I just couldnt let him go one like that.........Well, needless to say after Bubba I never got another fish. It sucks when pets die ya know???
    Go on crack heads...It's ok to laugh now because today this story is funny...But back then- I would have Jackie Chan slammed you! Ghetto style.
    Anywho- Heres to you Bubba...This buds for you! Cheers!
    And your thought for the day:
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