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  • Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    OK- this post is a blast from the past..Recall my mentioning about me living at the farm? *Yeah Yeah, I am trying to be calm and collected without having to directly say- Recall the Blog about me eating the dog food* Well this is one of the many stories from that residence.. when I moved back to Ga. from Hawaii after being shipped off faster than a non mentioned virus from the Army, I took over as manager for a few stores *try 7* and decided that I would move to Atlanta.. I got a roomate..Actually, the roomate got me.... She had this large house in the middle of no where..I am talking- where the local gas station still pumped your gas, and wiped your windows and carried the cokes in a bottle....
    The residents of this home dwelling was my best friend Anne, her older kids Matt and Malea, and Annes gay boyfriend Jimmy...*Yeah yeah- that is another story my friends* Oh, and she had these 2 dogs that worked my very last nerve..They were affectionately know by me as the yappers..... doberman min pins..The girls name was Gizmo- she was calm, the boy was Cujo..and he and I were at it often..Cujo always, no matter what day or night would bark non stop at me all the time, and after hours of that would eventually look at me and whine and walk away. I was sleeping in the den one night and was awaken by a tapping noise.. I recalled after a while looking up to where I heard the tapping, and seeing a white elderly gentleman standing outside the window- he was wearing blue overalls and a red baseball cap, and he waved at me.. Ok... I waved back...and laid my head back down...went back to sleep. The next morning, I could hardly keep my eyes open on the way to work...I kept yawning...

    Anne- "are you ok? You are awfully quiet this morning"
    Me- "Yeah, I didnt get any sleep, I had this weird dream and some man in overalls waved at me."
    See, as black as I am I should have Known something was wrong because she then got quiet and said-
    Anne- "ahhhh....was he wearing a baseball cap?"
    Me- "yeah......and????"
    Anne-"So you see him too?"
    Me- " what the hell do you mean I see him too? Do you all see him???"
    Anne- " well, he was in a tv screen when I took a photo of Matt and Jackie "Matts girlfriend).......He seems to pop up every now and then...

    That was incident one....Fast forward a few months later... I am once again sleeping in the den...Cujo is barking his non wagging of a tail off...I mean, hysterical warning barking..I wake up and yell for him to shut up...As I am wide awake and looking at this dog down the hall barking into the air, I hear a bedroom door open, Cujo runs in- then it closes...It opens again and Cujo comes running out and jumps into my lap and whimpers...People this normally is a clue when watching those horror movies, that when something *strange* like that happens, you are to start packing...but me...Noooooooooo..I have to still lie there and try and comfort a dog that doesnt even like me..As I am looking down the hall- I see this white-fog of sorts move across the hallway from one room to another...Instinct kicks in and I jump off the sofa hysterical and crying... I run to Annes room and I am banging on her bedroom door to let me in-

    Anne- "OH my God! Hold ON!"
    Me on the other side of the door wailing and banging- "Open the door hurry please"
    Anne- "Jesus Christ- I cant open the door until you let go of the knob!!"
    Me- "Open the Door, I saw it! Hurry..."

    People, I was so terrified and wigged out- that we were both having a tug of war with the door knobs.. She is pulling on one end, I am pulling on another, and I guess with my freaking out, I had alot of strength and energy because what happened next..Well, I got carried away and broke *through* the door..I kind of pounced it off its hinges and cracked the door frame while I was at it... By this time the whole house is up, I am still screaming and crying, every one has now gathered into a camp situation with sleeping bags all piled into Annes room on the floor...

    Needless to say at the end of the week I went ahead and told them I was moving out.. That was all of the excitement that I could handle... Jimmy -since he didnt have a stable job decided that he would go to the local courtouse and dig up some schematics or whatever on this house.. We found out that it used to be some type of small church- and where I was dozing off at times was perhaps the middle of this so called church... * I always found the design of this house different* Also about 100 feet or so away from the house - was a graveyard ..... When I see Anne to this day she cracks up and starts talking about that....

    I- can only say- that yes I know there are spirits, negative and positive...I would rather just be left alone though, as I am not looking to have my hair turn white from fear....