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  • Friday, April 27, 2007

    I just had a craptastic day yesterday. You know? No matter how nice you are and all it just seems that you have one every now and then and you have to battle the blaze. I thought that my being a firefighter was over until I got home last night. Just as I had settled in a hot tub of relaxing lavender milk beads, with an ice cold Rolling Rock Beer-my phone goes off... Yes, I carry my phone into the bathroom- just like I read what's in toothpaste as I brush my teeth, sue me....at any rate- here is the fire for the evening....

    Me- Hello?
    Voice on the other end in jerking spasms of tears- Callie?
    Me- what's wrong??? *by this time I am sitting straight up in the tub fumbling for a towel in the event I have to jump out butt nekkid and run and put clothes on to rush to a hospital or something*
    Voice- I'm not going to the prom tomorrow...

    In this moment I know who it is and I am trying to get her calmed down in between the spurts of heaves, and snot inhales.

    Me- Bri? What do you mean your not going, and please calm down so I can understand what the hell is going on...take a breath - now tell me what happened.

    she takes this long breath and sighs and starts to rattle off in lightening speed what happened.

    Bri- Jason called me a few moments ago and told me that he was not going to the prom and that he was sorry and he hung up and won't return my calls, and now I don't have a date, and I cant go, and you don't need to do my hair or make up cause I'm not going.

    and then she starts to heave and cry again...... At times, I feel so helpless when it comes to hearing other people cry. I am not there and cannot at times do anything for anyone, so I go into rescue drill Sergeant mode and do the best I can in handling the situation.

    Me- Ok......stop crying and give me a moment...

    I then found myself being a tad more stern with her as she continued to cry...

    Me- Damn it Bri, stop the sniffling and suck it up! You are going to prom, and everything is going to be ok, give me a moment to think and stop crying. It is not going to solve anything.

    She sniffles and does those little heave spurts...
    Bri- Ok....but you don;t know how I feel, I was dumped right before prom!

    and then the freakin Alley McBeal moments went off in my head..Ladies you know the ones..Where someone is telling you something and the moments they think you don't know or could not possible understand, replay in your mind because HEY you HAVE BEEN THERE... Except at this Ally moment, I saw my recent situation of being dumped.

    Me- Bri, calm down ok? I know how you feel, need I remind you and your mom???? But this isn't about me, it is about you.... Now this is my question... Do you still want to go to prom?
    Bri- I already bought my dress and shoes and everything.
    Me- But do you want to go????
    Bri- yes I do......
    Me- then that is all you need to concentrate on. If Jason does not want to go with you, no worries.. You will not be the only girl there by yourself, and this will not be the last time you will ever be dumped in life.
    Bri- ok
    Me- So....I know this will be hard, but I promise you, you will have a ball and you will look back on all of this years later, and be glad you went. Besides, who knows what guy you will meet ok???
    Bri- ok
    Me- So. I will be at your house tomorrow at 4 and I will glam you up like the fairy godmother and your going to be beautiful and your going to have a good time- and the next day we will roll Jasons car in toilet paper or something....Ok????

    she laughed....and I was relieved...

    Me- Look, please don't cry anymore.. I will see you tomorrow.
    Bri- ok...bye

    Bri hung up...I settled back down in my now cold bath, with my luke warm beer, and cried.... I cried because yeah, I know how she feels...I cried because perhaps I was angry in trying to understand the methodology of some guys or men in why they cant just *say* what the hell is going on with them and their thoughts, instead of having us try and figure it out for them only to feel like boo boo the clown. And then maybe I cried just because I have so many of my own pent up frustrations and just need a good lay.

    Yeah, I am a woman and I am not ashamed to speak about such things. I at least have the balls to do so....

    Oh please just give me another day....just...a rainbow..just for me....