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  • Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    I was trying to figure a way to do this post- without being one sided- and then it dawned on me- there really is not a way. Either you are-or you are not. So- With that being said this post is not directed to *everyone* or is it? The other portion I was thinking of when doing this post was based on my beliefs.... True we all have our own beliefs- and I am not saying you all have to agree with me- we can agree to disagree- however in order for me to do this post as with others I have had to lived it per se'- and believe in something in order to coincide with my thoughts....... So with that....Let me proceed.......

    As you know for the past 5 months I have been going through a completely different phase in my life. Some of you know of it personally and some of you only know what I have posted in lil bits and pieces here and there... But no one truly knows but me... I am quite astounded by what I have learned of myself in these months- and have been also in communication with a few other people via email and discussion boards-groups- in sharing my thoughts, my growth, my views......

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    We all at least I think majority of us all have heard of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden.... For those of you that have not heard of it- I will paraphrase it in speedy sense. Bascially God created everything- including Adam- and out of Adams rib he created Eve....Eve was stunning in *every* sense of the word...She was created in the image of God and had imparted upon her Gods essence. Now- in this garden were a few trees that Adam and Eve were able to partake in- but there was one in particular they were instructed not to eat.. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil......All was well- until something so beautiful in disguise approached Eve- and deceived her into basically saying "Hey, it's ok to eat it..God just doesnt want you to be all that- like he is." And so she does....Not only does she enjoy it, but she offers it to Adam who grubbed on it as well......Therefore the fall of man has begun and so has the Big Lie...............

    The Big Lie I am referring to has been imparted on us Ladies since the time in the garden- and throughout the ages... Since before we were born- this same deceiver has been plotting a course in which to annihilate women all together.... Why? Well, depending on what you believe think about it..... Eve was created with a purpose... In her creation she has all of these spectacular attributes AND is able to carry within her the ability to give new life. Now- I am not about to get into the debate of Abortion- Religion- or anything of that nature. Not that I can't- but I just do not choose to in this post... This post is to inform my sweet sisters that since we have been born we have been plotted against- and therefore have lived under the lie that we are nothing.........

    Let's look at a few things.....Women have had and constantly have to fight to be recognized- whether at work- in the home- wherever. There are women in parts of the world that are not able to speak- and are challenged in how to think. There are women that are mutilated physically to dehumanize them...to take away their pleasures as being women.. And yet that deceiver still prowls and throws us other things in the mix- to break your spirits.... Those words whispered:
    "Your worthless, ugly, fat, you think to much, you are dissapointing, you don't matter, your too sensitive...." I am sure by now you get the point..I am sure you can think of more.... I am sure that majority if not majority *all* of us have heard it and can perhaps write a book.... And yet the deceiver still eggs it on upon our backs...He incorporates- The concept of Beauty....Beauty is to be this- not that, and if you do not fall into the THIS category you do not matter........The deceiver then begins to set up obstacles in our path to keep us hopeless..... Family members, friends, and what better tool than that of Men...........

    My sweet sisters all over the world- we have been living under a lie. The Lie that we do not matter and this is why. I am here to tell you that is further from the truth.... YOU and I have been created with qualities and gifts that you cannot possibly imagine. And yet when you live your life in that saftey zone - it is impossible for you to recognize it.. I have explained or more so mentioned a few times that a womans Beauty is her worth! Some of you have sent me emails and have mentioned that you did not know what that was... Your worth my dear friends- is your Heart- you Inner Depth and Spirit....It is the focal point, that so called wellspring of what makes you- YOU...You have a need in you to be Romanced, to be Needed, to be Protected, To be Loved and Cherished with that sense of Adventure.

    And yet throughout the years and ages- we are told that we have to give up either or more in order to be so called accepted...I ask you this question...Accepted By Whom????? When you recognize that worth in you- then you get to that A-ha moment which is what I have gotton to- that my Beauty is WORTH being pursued, fought for, and cherished. And then there is another lie that the deceiver has imparted upon women..... Being Alone.....in life......therefore we at times seek relationships out hoping that it lasts- hoping that it fills the void..And deep inside it doesn't...Because we are still living in that lie... I can assure you- that once you embrace your worth, the other lies will dissipate- as will the lie of being alone...Does this mean that I personally want to be alone for the rest of my life? Of course not.. I am merely stating that because I have embraced my worth as a woman- I can wait happily enjoying my life - until such a times comes.

    Now- keep in mind I said earlier that this was not to say *all*- but a good majority..... Never the less Men...You are weak....You are not so much as weak in the physical tense but you are weak in your abilitites and masculinity in exploring a womans worth... You are given basically a few things to bring you compatibility with women..... You enjoy a good fight or challenge, you enjoy adventure that rush- and you enjoy aspects of Beauty....However these gifts that have been imparted upon you- have been used in ways to harm women. Therefore it makes you weak. You no longer take the time to Fight for your woman, you no longer enjoy sharing that adventure that she seeks, and you basically no longer equate her true essence of Beauty...Instead you use her Feminimity as part of your fight or challenge.... In your minds you calculate the length of time it would take to sleep with her... In your minds you listen to certain things she speaks and use it to benefit you.... In your minds you look at her with physical eyes and make snap decisions on whether or not she fits your world- your standards, only to re-do those so called standards........

    Riddle me this........When you so call *find* the woman of your so called dreams- why must you have another? Hence the challenge...You have a need to conquer something else..to calculate.....

    And yet...this is enough for now..I am sure perhaps you may be somewhat overwhelmed, or your shaking your head saying- Thats not true...thats not me...Well, before you send me any comments- or emails- think long and hard and be honest about yourself before having me respond..............especially if I know you personally......... Until then...look forward to part Two.