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  • Friday, September 14, 2007

    Ladies and Gentleman- we interrupt this posting to bring you some very interesting email...Or as I lovingly call it:

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    From: "Sorry- can't disclose the info for all ya'll"
    To:"Nalani T"
    Date:Wed, 12 Sep 2007 21:16:18 -0400
    Subject: You

    Hi callie! i just wanted to say that I think you are wonderful and I would love to meet you! I will be in town at the end of September and would like to take you out to dinner. Email me back!

    Peoplez! First of all I posted it here because I thought..Ummmm this is quite interesting..And I like sharing things with you all, and also because some of the male readers that I know will definately give me that *big brother* thought process....ya know the one...
    "Yo Callie, it aint alright to see this dude yo!"
    Relax! I was not going to..In fact I sent a very cordial email back letting him know that it was going to take alot more than one email to meet me and let alone have dinner with me...That takes time to build that ya know? Besides..I already have dinner plans with my good ole friend Rex cause he likes owes me a beer whenever he stops screaming like a girl from that skunk whippin his ass... *winks* You all HAVE to read his blog- that story had me rollin! Another good friend of mine JERRY !
    Now Jerry is good people... When I am blue, I just mozy over to his site, and bust a gut laughing at his thoughts. I thought *I* was insane....This guy truly is- AND he comes up with the funniest graphic art thingies I have ever seen.... Another insane person.... BLITHER. I am convinced now that she does not have a job because every time I go to her site, she is either drinking, gambling, slapping her husband in her dreams *but it turns out to be real life when he awakes and starts screaming*, OR she is out traveling with her girls, and chasing Tink her dog around who is just happy being Tink........Enuff said....

    Holy Batman! Can I just say that I was jammin yesterday while driving to the grocery store! And you know by the way I have to drive like 30 minutes out of the way because the grocery store near my house is like the Ghetto grocery store...Man...They have 20 sumething cashier lines and only 2 cashiers..... They have peanutbutter..no jelly.... Milk..no cereal... That store is so ghettofabulous that they have Oreos- without the cream in the middle...Your basically just licking a cookie..Like a dog biscuit... Anywho- driving out of my range for decent groceries - I turn on my radio *which by the way I have to hit it with my fist to get it to play sometimes* don't hate- Retro in the Metro people! All 80's music... I started off with Wang Chung- and then found myself falsetto singing to Fine Young Cannibals... "She drives me crazy.Woo-Woohoo" and then...Oh my gosh people! Freakin Milli Vanilli...."Gurl you know it's true!" People- I don't care what you say about them, you know you were all running around wearing the little bottoms of a mop on your head pretending they were dreads so you could act like them...Don't play. I know!

    Just like when Michael Jackson came out with his cooler albums all of you went out to buy parachute pants, a white glove, and penny loafers.And when you couldn't get that ensemble together you stuck with just a t-shirt and black jeans with a fake monkey on your hip introducing *rubbles* cause you know he would have tried to sue you for copying if you said Bubbles...People..You cannot pull the wool over my eyes...For the ladies though we all thought we were either freakin madonna or one of the bangles..Some of us couldnt decide and just took the easier route and threw shit together and called it Cyndi Lauper. Yeah..we were having fun....

    The 80's!!! I sit back and think about how cool the 80's were..we are all geeks, nerds, or cool.... I was a wannabe cool chick but got stuck in the geek category...Truly...I tried to audition for basketball.. I thought at that time "hey- black people should know how to play this game and I will have alot of black friends..." and then I went for try-outs. I thought I was the freakin bomb people! I had my mom go out and get me this cool jogging outfit, and tennis shoes for shooting hoops.... I just knew I was going all pro people! recognize! Your Callie, shootin some hoops...The coach gave me the ball and shouted some kind of obscene practice drill and behold I was a freakin hot mess! I couldn't dribble...Well I am sorry! I cannot run and bounce a ball at the same time....I tried to shoot, and the ball just went all over the wall instead..I dont think it ever made it to the basket...Oh..And the pissed off highlight of the try out... WHY?????? People...WHY????? was I not able to stay *on the court*???? meaning I was sliding all over the place...Ummm could it be that instead of freakin sneakers with rubber material I had shoes with no rubber...but some kind of plastic coating..People...my mom didn't buy my tennis shoes she bought me skids! No freakin air buddies but low ruddies....The coach blew the whistle called me over to him snatched the ball out of my hands and told me to not come back. ever. No problem...I went where I was wanted and needed...Freakin ROTC.. Air Force Yo! I can still swing a freakin bayonet- and do cadence marching! The Air Force would have been proud of moi. I aimed high yo!

    Ok...so now that I have finished thinking about my days of bright colored clothing, lace baby doll socks and the ever fabulous Duran Duran hit song Reflex, I am outta here. You all have a great weekend and try and relax...Work smart- not hard.

    Holla at a blogwhore people for your entertainment pleasures!