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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Today I declare it Tuesday Thang Day...Preferably about things on this Tuesday that just irks me people....

    1. The non speaking english group that held up the Churchs Fried Chicken on last night...Sweet corn on the cob people!!!!! Look....In case you do not know- Churchs Fried Chicken is the little greasy chicken pit stop in the hood.... It is not hard to choose a menu number - grab your tabasco and shove the hell on..But nooooooooooooo....I am waiting patiently for over 15 minutes as a group of my brothers and sisters in the asian community go back and forth on how many pieces of chicken- and then some...It then boiled down too one of them looking at me and asking me to translate...Yo!... I don't know what the hell ya'll were talking about....To me it was a bunch of captions firing off in my head...But you know what? I did muster it..I think I ordered for them too many pieces of chicken, biscuits, family fries, a few corn on the cobbs and I had them throw in some obscene amount of honey packets and tabasco. I was not sure if they wanted jalapeno poppers with that order...But they were happy..totin their many bags of greasy fried chicken....Next time..I may have to text message my friend BoBo....She could have at least hooked me up with getting by if she was able to understand....

    2. Next gripe.....The freakin gas station pick up! The guy was cute..He really was..He waited until he just couldnt get enough of watching my gracefulness of washing my windows and using that dry erase end.....He climbed out of his friends truck and smiled and asked if I was single....Yeah I am, I told him...He then asked if he could have my number...No you can't I told him... He then said in small -non recognizable squabble- he would give me his...I took it and smiled and got back in my truck to drive off, and looked at the message on paper....

    His name...I understood.....But how in the hell can you not know your cell number and you walk around with your cell phone...????Riddle Me That people???? He had 3 different rows of trying to write down his number, and STILL got it wrong...know how I know it was wrong? He was missing a digit..I guess after the third time- he gave up.....

    3. Frazzled brainwaves...*sighs* this happened on yesterday..I was so ready to go work out- that I changed clothes, hit the gym and could not figure out why my feet felt so...what's the word..*roomy* in my shoes. an hour later it dawned on me as I looked down-
    I had swiped my sons tennis shoes and not mine...And then it grossed me out as I recalled how they smelled when he took them off, and now...I have the foot fooch! *ack*

    4. Another Irk....... I have realized in my state of singlehood that I enjoy looking at Mr. Clean...ya know...the guy on the cleaning bottle..With the bald head and the earring...Him...

    5. My last and final gripe...You crackhead bloggers that never say anything when you visit peoples site....That is just wrong wrong wrong... You can at least say...*Hi...just dropping by.* This my friend is how to build international dipolmacy! All ya gotta do is say"Hello" and nothing more....Of course I am smiling as I typed that...I do not think you all are crackheads...Unless you confess you are....

    Ok..so...I wanna know your THANG for today...And Pele...I already know yours Ms. Thang..You invented the word.

    I can always count on Pele to come to my rescue! Check it...!
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