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  • Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    A Bloody and expensive Christmas people....Why? How bout on Thursday my truck went out on me in traffic after work. It was dark, cold and rainey. My skirt was no longer sleek and trendy. It was wet and clingy. My sweater was no longer bushy and comfortable. It was heavy and droopy. an hour of waiting for a tow truck, a hit and run vehicle chase *because* one person was speeding and failed to see the hazard lights blinking on my truck, slammed their brakes and someone hit them, and drove off..needless to say I watched open mouthed. 2 Strangers stopped to help me. One driver -stranger rolled down their window and offered me their umbrella......

    The tow truck came and took my jeep and I to my apartment until my mechanic could come take a look... I got home- pulled off my wet clothes and cried....I was just overwhelmed because the cha ching noise started to fill my head. I got a ride on Friday to work. 2 people came by my apartment that day to look at my truck. Both cited- Water Pump..I cite the following hypothesis....

    1. Water Pump
    2. Thermostat
    3. Crank Shaft Sensor is loose

    Saturday another mechanic comes by... While he was looking and giving his opinion. He started up my truck- pressed on the gas hard. my fan cover started to fall off between the engine, and I am sure by now you all can picture what I am getting ready to type. The motherly reflex of catching something- kicked in.. I reached in to grab the cover...only.......the fan got me first......

    Now- have you ever heard the stories of people being bitten by sharks but they do not realize it at that moment due to shock? Well, I was not in a shark attack but according to the blood and him shouting I guess I was in shock...I didn't feel anything at first...I recall falling to my knees in the grass-gravel stuff and holding on to life of my hand..which now is squirting blood-along with pain...Heat seeking missle pain. I began to double over and cry...I recall *and I state recall because by this time the sky is looking awfully black* the mechanic starts screaming and shuts the truck off- drops beside me and starts forcecully trying to grab my bloody hand as I am fighting him for it.. and then I hear the words:

    "Sweetheart, I need to look at your hand to see if your fingers are still attached, if not we have to find them and put them on ice!"

    By this time I think I did sorta pass out amidst the dry heaves of crying. He looked over my hand and then said:

    "Shit your lucky! You got all of em, but the bleeding is coming for a really bad cut on one of your fingers. Let's get you inside..."

    I get inside, my son flips out- his best friend starts crying because I am crying and holding what I am sure looks like a bloody stump. I am doubled over the kitchen sink when my son appears with a first aid kit of herbs and stuff... The mechanic takes a gauze and soaks it in Witch Hazel and puts it on my wound and I about lost it...After he cleans away some of the blood he looks at me and says....

    "Sweetheart.....Your nail is basically half on and half off. The cut is where the nail bed is and it looks like the fan cut inside or under the nail into the flesh. We need to cut this nail off....He grabs the clippers and hands them to my son who is horrified by now looking at his mom turn 5 shades of white. The mechanic is behind me holding me and my hand so tight to help cut off the blood..My son tries once to cut the nail but he starts crying and can't...The mechanic then gets the clippers, tightens his grip on my hand as I am halfway leaning into the kitchen sink and he counts and rips the nail off. after all is said and done, that night I was 3 goody powders, 3 tylenol and 4 margarita coolers to the wind.

    My finger is still bandaged and still hurts, but now that the blood has dried and I am taking care of it- it does not look extremely bad...puffy perhaps....a little blue...but it is not leaking puss or anything so I think that is a good thing right?

    All in all- that is why I didn't post on yesterday. Not only is my truck still being fixed, but I have been heavily medicating myself as needed..Never a dull moment in my world people...never.....

    BLITHER! I got my card!!! Thank you!!!!

    now- off to take another goody powder..I hurt.