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  • Saturday, May 17, 2008

    And this is exactly what this post is. A little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of spice people. Let me break some things down to you in small edible portions.

    1. Gracias for all your lurve during this time of transition for me. I know I know. The callister has been slacking but yo, where I slack I make up in other posts.

    2. Yes- I almost tore a new butthole in an 18 year old. I found out this big ass boy has been visiting my son to hang out with him and his crew, and one day went into my house took my sons video game, and then snuck it back. Yeah- so after watching that movie VACANCY I was already in a kick ass mood and when one of the boys told me this- I finished my wine, slipped on my flip flops and announced :Lets Roll!....we were a SIGHT people.... We all piled in the truck and went to that boys house, and I went off in front of his slouchy ass momma and told her I would swiftly accomodate her son into a first class stay at the local jail- and that I better not evah see her son near or around my area again. He was to old to be hanging around my son anyways- AND from what the other boys that hang with my son and I- he didnt fit in. He was to gringo and no one liked him, and he was already starting trouble with other boys and they almost beat his ass with a soccer ball to the groin.

    3. I am man hungry....OK....so....Here is my narrowing down of what I am looking for in a guy..He does not need to be male model gorgeous. I never wanted or liked a pretty boy anyways. I want and like a manly type. He has to be smart. amd can be spontaneous and like to hang with me . AND he needs to be considerate and all that mushy stuff. We all have drama so I wont even go with drama free, but he cant be gay married, bi, none of that shit. Just straight up head over heels in lurve with me and doesnt need to cheat.......Looks I am not saying I want a bum off the street, but he needs to be neat in appearance and smells good. You know...hygiene is a mofo with me. No jacked up teeth and bo to make me wanna hurl. No what I mean? that should do. OH. and he needs to have a job or either looking seriously for one. I am not taking care of no grown ass man.

    4. Blither, did you and your brother in law get my mail? You hussy. You need to tell somebosy so I know if I need to contact the Post man again and tear him a new butthole yo.

    5. I am still awaiting for the tax issue to get straight. I am going on an adventure in August. going to spend a weekend with HOPE in chicago- and I hope that she is ready for a good time because I plan on getting buck wild in chitown. Who on my blog roll is near there? Holla at me. Perhaps we can visit.

    6. Gas Station Chronicles are no fun anymore since they did the raid to clean up illegal migrants and prostitutes. I cry...because now my going to the gas station means no more assbackwards crack heads to talk about.

    7. My son leaves for the summer in 2 weeks. I hate it. I am so alone.....

    8. Slick owes me a BBQ. who all wants to come. I am trying to get him to do a Blogger Que. That would rawk sox.

    9. Speaking of Gumbo...the male valedictorian for MoreHouse that happens to be white...He is Fyne....and I "know" there were plenty of sister girls trying to get with him.Don't play. I would have dropped my pencil a time or two hoping he would have picked it up and conversed with me. *sighs* at any rate. It's all good yo. When the lights are out, it's all the same.....aint it? hahahaha

    10. Blither still owes me a trip to Vegas. Tookie still owes me my damn superbowl prize of moon pies- Pele still owes me a trip to Hawaii- Pete in NZ still owes me a Maori Warrior- and man....all ya'll need to pay your dues. HAHAHAHa..just kidding.

    Ok... I gotta go for now, because I am on my way to a charity event. Holla back peeps.

    love ya