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  • Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Venting...I love to be able to do that once in a while because you can just really let loose and look completely stupid at the same time, and people will just sit there and say something really profound, or stupid or nothing at all, but will more than likely agree.

    Therefore- may todays post be a VENT post, and I agree that today all that should pass by my blog spew a little...C'mon. Let er rip....!

    Here's to YOU IRS! This vent has erupted from a dormant volcano to a full blown eruption. I despise you jerkwads and you majorly suck sweat off a donkeys balls! Has it ever occured to you jugheads that there is this thing called a recession? your lack of knowledge and being butt fucked by those in the White House, and other government - albeit political friendships are in dire need of a Bounty Quicker Picker Upper of reorganizational skills as well as customer friendly associates that can at least respond with a good morning- versus gum chewing bubble popping in my ear sarcasm! I disagree with the way you speak to people, and I disagree with your systematic ways of dealing with the public when issues arise. I disagree with the ways you all are butt munching for the next doughnut break and rush people off the phone because you feel you are "better than folk" and I so disagree with how you all rush into charging people for excessessive bull shit that doesnt jive- and when it is brough to your attention, it takes a few years to get a response, yet when it comes to people needing to so call pay you, your ready to throw em under the bus! F you!

    Heres to you those that were elected Government Officials that have contributed to putting our country and possibly the rest of world in debt. The reason we have a deficit issue, is because your all spending our money on hookers and travel expenses and other things that may suit your fancy. I look at our situation as tax paying citizens and I am ready to piss fire for being so angry at how you sit by on your lard asses and just watch people struggle! When it comes to a point where a mother with 3 kids is having to put baby formula back and other items because her grocery bill has been exceeded we as a country have a problem. When families have to decide and make a choice between gas or food we have a problem. Listen up you Political Asszards, you all need to re-evaluate the way your runnin shit, or so help me the next person I am electing into the White House will be a gangster of some sort. At least we will all know where the money is going, and who is to catch the blame. What is the use of sending out a stimulus only to make us pay that shit back next year? Exactly. Recognize! I am watching you all like a hawk. See, I know you may think people like me don't really care. But see thats where you are wrong! We care a great deal and it is only a matter of time before we all get together and start nailing balls to the wall, taking names and kicking mucho grande ass! Comprende?

    Heres to you monthly cycle of 28 days to feel like a running faucet for a full 7 days. I am so over stuffing my vajayjay with cotton and wearing a diaper! That is all...Just figured I would toss it in as well.

    what say ye????!!!!