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  • Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    2010 people! Are you ready? Each year I am always saying the same thing. I must repeat it again unfortunately.... "It's gotta be a better year yo!" Ok so let's review some of the things that I have endured for the year 2009....... *take my hand and let's walk*

    1. Losin my job on January 5th......Yeah recall that one? and how I cried and whined to you all and carried a box of damn kleenex for months...And yet what happened yo? I sued my employers for unemployment, went back to school and now I am doing my own thing that I was born to do yo!

    2. Moving into a really huge house on the same day!!!!! of losing my job....

    3. Going on a wonderful cruise with my son. My fifth time, his first. He partied, I slept...He ate I snacked.... He made new friends, I won in the casino and lost it again... he smiled, I grinned...he laughed I cried at my childs joy. it was...after all... PRICELESS

    4. Finding new patients only to lose them again due to dying...

    5. Realizing that NAIR works best on the vajayjay rather than shaving.

    6. Discovering that Waffle King was actually a huge ploy of dissentary.

    7. Meeting new people... Yo I promise you, I never meet a stranger. I have the gift of gab.

    8. Losin Michael Jackson...... and so many others that had promise and were just bad to the bone.

    9. Havine Pele, Pete and Dazd be the only bloggers who actually had more shit to say than I did this year.

    10. Just makin it yo....

    In other words, i am still standing, still here! So I was thinking of trying to make a list of things I wanted to see happen next year....

    1. Go skydiving again..even though I fainted the first go round I thought it would be kool to try it again and this time- stay alert and standing.
    2. Tornado Chasing. yeah, I can never get to it around that season but I am gonna try.
    3. Go on another cruise.....
    4. Do something wild for my birthday..I don't know yet....and it isnt like I have tons of friends, but ya'll I will be turning 40 and I am actually in crying hissy fit stages because...well...I will be 40...But as my son says: "Momma, you look like your in your 20's . You can be my sister...Oh snaps wait a minute mom you gotta gray hair sticking out! lemme cut it for you."
    5. Find love....yeah people..I have so much love to give..Especially now that I know what I want in a relationship..but most importantly- I know how to love me even if it doesn't happen.....
    6. Get another vehicle. People...Momma is driving the duct tape machine on 4 tires. And I think as of looking at it today, 2 of those tires are doing a gangsta lean which means either my ass is lookin a good 300 pounds bigger which makes my truck lean, or someone is trying to jack my ride as I am rollin down the highway. Whatever. I have got to get some fast cash to trade it in and get something else.
    7. I have GOT to find out what Prince means when he sings that song for days old of Starfish and Coffee......PELE help me out! Your the 80's child...What does it mean????*humming* Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam........ *EXTRA SPECIAL FLIP THA SCRIPT EDIT- THAT GUY! Ya gotta know I have missed and worried about you. I am so glad you dropped by to let me know your around. Your a GREAT Christmas Gift!!!*
    8. Send more cards and smiles throughout the year to people I know..... Random Act of Kindness year yes?
    9. Try and get with someone who can help me take all of my journal writings and compose a book of some sort. I have 12 journals if anyone is up for this task. My life could be a really good book of nonsense or horror, or hell just plain comedy. I have potential.
    10. Love Love and Love!!!! Laugh Laugh and Laugh...Cry cry and Cry...... I plan on doing all of the above in order to keep myself balanced....

    Oh and I know some of you are wondering if I will be doing any more working out at the gym since that last time my friend sexy Wanda talked me into doing the spinning class- in which thanks to her, I dry heaved everywhere.....And oh yes, lest us not forget my falling off the treadmill because I tried to run very fast as if big dogs were chasing me only to hit the stop button like an emergency button and nearly bustin my ass on that.

    In all actuality, I have already started my program, but have given up the hope that I will end up looking like Jada Pinkett Smith, because you know, I am just to Queen latifah- Shakira gyrating you know? I love my hips and my butt has a pucker give me a kiss kinda look. So- I am just going for the toned look. not the thin mint route. Not saying it's bad, It's just not me....So- yeah I am ahead of you in that deparment.

    All in all people....I really do wish you all great New year.It has been hard for a lot of people but you know what...We got each other..Free therapy!!!!!! Blog you azzes off people....Stay safe, dream big and know that I am here for ya!!!!

    See you in 2010!!!!!