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  • Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    People! The Callister has become involved in some football bitches!!!! Ok I will admit, I am a hockey girl, and I lurve lurve lurve me some boxing because maybe perhaps I wished I could throw a punch or two with style and finesse- (I especially love that combination thai kickboxing and have only two words... ok 3... "Tony freakin Jaa"....) I went and bought Ong Bak, and Ong Bak 2 and I must say part 2 is better... My son who is 14 going on 30 told me I wasn't like normal moms.. I asked him what he meant.. he just shook his head and laughed and told me I was different........ So what if I don't wear a grannie robe and do dishes and clean all of the time.. I still bake brownies and all that crap even though I am probably wearing lacey panties underneath it all... I know...visual that eye candy in your minds gentleman...and ladies too if your thinkin it.....

    Ahem- so back to football.. I never really got into it until I started rooting for the comeback of none other than Michael Vick..and then i found myself becoming a football house hacker... I would place phonecalls to relatives that I knew had some type of tv that did not involve aluminum foil on the receptors...I would ask if I could come watch my Eagles..and would become engrossed and annoyed when Vick wouldn't play enough.....And then they didn't advance to superbowl... And then I started to become more engrossed with my displeasure of "brett fart"....I got into a deep discussion over this turd at a sports bar months ago...Mr. Roddy Rowdy Piper wanna be called himself trying to sell me on the idea of how great a player brett fart was.... Ahem- I mentioned over my Guiness.... Brett fart can kiss my caramel coated nut... He couldn't handle transition and decided to screw everyone to get over.. Well Brett..You got over...You helped your team cross right on out of the SuperBowl.... *PS. Phat Edit- Brett- pack your denture gear and give up your spot to da man... TB!!! That's right.. It's Tebow time!*

    So now- I was beside myself and had to make a choice of rooting for someone for superbowl... And of course I felt i had an obligation to do so- with none other the City known for turning me into a Bourbon Street- bead catching whore..... The Nawlins Saints!!!! I was thinking of going over to DaDivas house for this celebration- but then it hit me...Each time I get with her and it has something to do with her hometown of this Boob showing city, I "always" manage to get into some kind of trouble....Ummmmm...as long as she doesnt black mail me anymore with You Tube vids...I think I will be ok.... Then again...I'm skeered.
    And of course last but not least.. You all KNOW how I loathe the upcoming holiday of Valentines Day.... However, I am trying to be good and not blast anyone for participating in this costy event. I personally would rather dine over a basket of chicken wings and a Guiness but hey...if you wanna dine lovingly into someones eyes while sharing a dessert that looks like it got hit by a mud van and shaped into a heart- be my guest......Nah i am not blasting it......You just go ahead and enjoy spending hundreds of dollars on roses that will be dead in a week....but if your special maybe you can just improvise your E.T. and touch them and they will bloom back to life.....No seriously, I am not blasting VD day..... HA! appropiately named considering the HoJo inn will probably be packed on that day and that will be a complimentary gift for their guests on that special evening.. Ok ok ok...so I am really hatin right about now...I want flowers and a mud covered shaped heart and to stare lovingly over a basket of chicken wings...As for the visit to HoJo inn....can I do a raincheck? I just wanna feel special...and no...Being my childs Valentine is not what I mean... Mommy wants some lurve too...................................
    So there ya have it chicos and chicas...roll with it.... holla!!!!
    *c to the a to the l to the l to the i to the e.......*

    PS.....Callie's Additional Phat Edit on the Football gig.... This is "my" prediction ok? I told you all beforehand how the Tiger Woods incident really went down- and I was 100% right! So- i figure, I am good enough to be an imaginary football analyst right? Ahem...ok..so here is what I think should happen.... Go ahead and boot Favre right out the door... Switcheroo and find another QB- AND bring along Mr. Tim Tebow as a back up QB for the Vikings...get him good and trained NFL style.... OR......NY Jets- keep that handsome rookie QB Sanchez and take Tebow for the ride as a backup... My only jiggle of a headshake iffy though might come into play that Tebow won't be able to handle playing in cold weather..... He will learn the other stuff- but playing in ball bustin freezin temps may be a challenge..... ok...that's all folks!