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  • Monday, October 15, 2012

     This post may hurt your feelings because today It's All About You. Expect a thorough tongue lashing with heartfelt fuck you condolences. It is after all- what you left me. To the reader- if you are offended by such things, please hit the close browser and seek out a different topic in the topics side rail or just leave my page. You're forgiven.
    Ok so let the JonkFest begin. I have for days now had to think about this upcoming post. I had rattled it over in my head. I asked myself the questions of: "Should I be very timid like in my writing to spare others from seeing how crazy I was?" or "Should I not curse so much because even though I can conduct myself as a lady, I don't normally go around cursing like a sailor." and then I was left with: "Gurl! Stop! You are who you are and if you use this venue as "YOUR" vent spot and thoughts then so be it. Cowgirl up and let's roll." So that is where I am. Albeit this post may seem a little lengthy, it's only because I got years of shit in my head that needs to come out.
    Can I first say that my vagina is pissed! No truly. I am pissed as is my vajayjay. Because of *certain* men that have come in and out of my life- that drama has taken a toll on me as a person and my vajayjay is a person too. Does she not have feelings? She bleeds. She hurts. She has pleasures and pains and if spoken to correctly the bitch can talk! Recognize. Now- lets shift to "why" my sweet lovely vagina and why "I" am so pisssed these days.
    Men....Not just every man, but damn near a lot. They aren't men anymore. They are pussies whose own vagina lips didnt stay tucked in but instead fell out into a fold of hanging skin. Yeah I said It. "YOU"....the ones who are so behind todays post. You're pussies. The biggest kind. Let me be more descriptive and point you out.
    1. Mr. NY I'm All That and more: Dear Mr. NY wanna be all that but aint- Let me give my lovely readers the insight as to how we met and what really went down. We met on a networking site. He would send me shit via messege box all day everyday and finally asked me out. Sure thing. We met- went to the park had a nice time- and talked. You talked your ass off. like some whining bitch. You talked about how your ass was mugged. hit by a truck. how you live in some kind of shelter where guests can't come see you...etc etc.. I felt sorry for your ass because hey let you men tell it: "Good guys finish last". so in my goodness I gave you the benefit of the fuckin doubt! The next time we hooked up I took your ass out to dinner. You licked your damn plate like you were some poor ethiopian in the desert! bottoms up! No problem. Then we went back to my place for wine and cheese. You couldnt keep your hands off my ass, and even tried to hump it. Who humps ass??? Oh yeah...I forgot...you tried to hump my ass because that so called dick of yours wasnt working right. I felt it as you tried to rub it against me but your shit was asleep and snoring. fine with me. as I told you that night. "I'm on the rag"...I lied..just so you wouldn't contiue to embaress yourself by making excuses. "Damn baby I want to, but my meds from my accident makes me limp sometimes." riigggght. Anywho...the next day I text you to make sure you were ok-have a good day. I don't hear from you. 2 days go by I- being concerned call you and your phone is cut off... Ok..no problem. I send you a text messege via the internet network and get no response....I go to your page and what do I see? The chic you *claim* you werent jiving with seems to had been in touch with you. As she proudly displayed: "I miss you..can't wait to see you again..I love you.." I also noticed that you had been active on your page numerous times prior to this...So you limp dick bastard I deleted and blocked your ass and kept it movin. Now almost a week later I check my email and you have the nerve to send me a "You deleted me! I don't need people like you in my life! I dont think we need to see or talk to each other anymore." blah the fuckin blah... Look playa.. You don't pay my bills. You aint good enough to excite my pussy. You live in whoville and think you ballin. NY Swag? really? really? is that how they roll in the NY??? get the hell on...you make me laugh. Yeah I said it. Bada Bing. Bada Boom.
    Part Two in another post.