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  • Monday, October 15, 2012

    2. Mr. I am NOT The kind of African You have met with before: You are certain as shit about that Mr. Mustafa. You are  not a Mandigo warrior like you said you are and truly believed. *nica- these readers don't know do they?* Ok..so here is the story about this pussy. He and I have known each other for a while. meaning a year or so... He was invited to a party I threw. He came and all of my guests including him had a great time. He kept in touch afterwards. We started hanging out. *every day*...Lunch and or dinner and sometimes both. He called me, text me.....and then the warning flags started coming up but I in my own ineptness at the time ignored my gut- *as some people do* and I tried to take the flags down.

    See, I tried to be "proactive".. meaning when a man tells a woman what he didnt have from other relationships we as women try and give them what they are needing..As was my case. And then the flags started to pile up. He would call me or send me text messeges all hours of the day and night and would get hysterical when I would not respond in an instant. "I expect you to answer or text when I call you. Why is it that you are always busy when I call? Why cant you be more attentive? I don't think you are ready for a relationship." Ummmm yes bitch.. I am always busy because I am working. or driving. or sleeping. or eating. I found myself saying "ok..I will do better..I'm sorry..shiiiiit" only to find myself running to catch the phone while brushing my teeth. while sleeping. while eating. while masterbating. while peeing. while shitting. It got to a point I was answering the phone even if it didn't ring. But I tried to be "proactive"..and then after some time, I did the do with him...You know..we ended up fucking. and the first time it was good...and then the rest of the times, it was hell. I found myself lying about it. making excuses. faking it. yes. I did. trying to save his masculinity and getting myself off when alone. But again..I was trying to be "proactive"....And then he started doing things that just wasn't right..for example.. He would go to my bathroom take a shit like as if he blew the hoover damn and would not flush my toilet. Who the fuck does that?? and I asked him...what the fuck are you thinking? This is my home..this is MY HOME..and you treat it like you treat me?? like it doesn't matter. I helped him that night grab his shit and threw him out of my house..Oh but I also forgot to mention..it was kinda a done deal while grabbing his clothes his underware was full of shit. I mean..like. I don't know how to wipe my ass shit in the drawers. Like.. Dale Earnhardt and Danica Patrick and everyone else in NASCAR did a 500 lapper on the Talladega in his underware... What. The. Fuck. oh nooooooo.... After throwing him out of my house, it was guilt trip city. "I wasn't this. I wasn't that. I'm not going to ever have a good man in my life because of this and that." and what really sank my battleship.. "You don't know what loyalty is or how to be loyal."

    At this- I didn't respond. I haven't spoken to his non speaking english ass wiping ass in a hot minute, but his insinuation and accusation of the word Loyalty stuck with me for a long time.

    Loyalty is defined as:
    [ lóy əltee ]
    1. state of being loyal: the quality or state of being loyal
    2. feeling of duty: a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to somebody or something
    3. Synonyms: faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, constancy, reliability, fidelity, dependability, steadfastness
    Now... for some of you assholes out there that I have dealt with, let me explain to you the jonx version of loyalty. Not only for myself but on and for the behalf of other women out there that demonstrate this tedious task just to please assholes such yourself.
    I am LOYAL...Loyal is when you're broke asses couldn't pay your parking ticket, your light bill, your baby momma- you would come to me to so call 'borrow' it. Hell you were my man. Of course i'm gonna help your ass out.. why? because of loyalty. When you're ass got slung in jail or you have a little issue going on in which you had no one to turn to when you're own family let you down- it was me that was in your corner holding you up. encouraging you. why? because I am fucking loyal. And lest we NOT forget the times I didn't want to do something sexual but I did to please you." You want my legs stretched where baby?" That's right. When you wanted to be more explorative in your fantasies you didn't need to ask me how fucking high. I encouraged your asses to be comfortable enough to know that I was down with whatever you wanted to do or try because hey.. you were MY MAN and I was down with you! even though 90% of the time it wasn't about me but what I could do for you- because of loyalty. You fucking losers. The next time you wanna be a bitch imposter just let me and other ladies know ahead of time. That way- we can skip all the bullshit of hearts and minds getting played and will just basically instruct you to drop to your knees and suck our strap on dicks for a change. I hope you gag on mine. at least it gets the job done from time to time.
    "Yeah I said it." "deuces"