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  • Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    *Vroooooooooooom* that my friends is not my brain on crack (because we all know that famous Whitney Houston saying- "Crack is Whack!") it is on the other hand my vitamin pack that I ingested at 7am this morning, which is causing me to have that little *twitch and tick* again....

    Last night my "man" House did not come on as they switched the days "again"...No worries though- I watched one of my many favorites of movies last night...

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting You all I just LOVE IT! I bust a gut all of the time when I see that movie. I love the older one also, but this one is more deeper in the aspect of how Charlie doesnt sell his family out for a piece of the dream...

    So I was in a laughing mood- until I started watching the movie Amistad.... I have never seen this movie, and people- instead of me busting a gut from the previous movie, I was in boo hoo hysterical tears by the end of it.... I just did not have the words to say.... And oh so the ever beautiful Djimon Hounsou- Babe you can talk French to me "Anytime"....... I know there is a God, never doubted that- but seeing someone as sexy as him..... Oi Vey! God created a wonderful speciman!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    And I am sure the guys that read my post will be like "Yeah Right"....Well- yeah Right back at ya! Take note fellas! Sexiness is all up in that man- and no matter what a woman will tell her husband or boyfriend or what ever- He is the charge that gets the battery juiced!

    On another note- I got a very interesting email that I wanted to kind of share with you all...They wanted to know if anything I wrote about was real because I rarely have anything negative to say....Well, it depends on what you mean by "negative"....I have no use in degrading people on a daily basis....AND I try and keep my blog writings Drama and Chaos free....You know- I do not ever say that I dont have bad days... I do...But I am one to handle them differently..... I understand very well hardships in life in general.. I know and understand what it is like to wonder how this bill is going to be paid or such- I understand and know that our world is in chaos and destruction.......... However what I try to do each day- is to remind myself of all the good things that people do not talk about anymore... Now when you open the newspaper or turn on the tv, it is always about someone getting shot, or people just acting out- someone is in cahootz and having a war about this and that- and dont get me started on the Political Spectacles that are now more and more apparent.............. I dont want to see or hear that crap.......I already know where this world is going.....Unfortunately I have to live in it for the time being and I do something to spread a little light in that darkness.... That is what my purpose is..It's isnt about how much money I will make, or how many cars I will drive.. It is about how I spend my thoughts and time in helping another..... I would rather "live" life than wallow in its crappiness of destruction and stealing of my joy..........Hope this answers your question.........

    On another note: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    How many of you plan on attending a Fall Festival or Oktoberfest this year??? I for one in my industrious career of partying- has never attended an Oktoberfest and i am so going to this year! I am also hoping by the end of the year to get a little digital camera to take photos and post them so you can all see the craziness that I write about........ Speaking of craziness family holidays kinda suck dont they? You dont hear from anyone until Thanksgiving and Christmas...Thats when you all get together and catch up on who got married, divorced, who got fat or thin, who turned out gay or straight....Just Jerry Springer........I cannot wait for mine....*Ha- Ha*

    Well, my time has come for me to end my oreo cookie eating blog for the moment... *Yeah- Pre Menstrual joys* sometimes I wish men could switch bodies for 7 days and endure sticking tubes in their vaginas and wear a diaper at the same time... lets see how big your smile is then....

    Your thought for the day-

    Grandma Georgina to Willy Wonka- "You smell like peanuts. I like peanuts. Willy Wonka: "You smell like old people... and soap. I like it."