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  • Sunday, November 26, 2006

    I was cleaning out my closet his evening out of sheer boredom mind you, and I pulled out my keepsake box and found myself fumbling through it... I found first of all, news clippings from when I was in high school as a high rawkin thespian *yes people I rawked the stage many times from Musicals, to dramatics- From Les Miserable- to Godspell...Don't hate!* I have an old 45 of Debarge with the hit single "All this Love" which by the way is a bust a gut story. My son one time was being nosey and saw it and he was dumbfounded!

    "Mom- this is the biggest cd I have ever seen- where do you put it!" Yes my jimminy crickets- he doesn't know what a record player is.... But one of the many things I found today was a memory of good thoughts... You see I have 6 post cards from when I went to Canada a few years ago.. I befriended this guy who was born, raised and lived in Ottawa Canada... After 5 months or so of lots of chatting online-phone- he invited me to come up, and well, I am a energetic muse and I hopped a plane and went... He picked me up from the airport with a bouquet of flowers in hand, grabbed my luggage and whisked me off to his apartment that he shared with 3 other roommates.... I had one of their rooms and the bathroom- and it was all so quaint..Nothing fancy, just quaint and comfortable... For the 4 days I was there I went sight seeing, got lost in Quebec while looking at country houses and fields, sat in on a meeting of laws at the Parlimant Building- which was cool because they all had the same white poofy wigs on, and so much more..

    What *really* was a highlight for me was my friend inviting me to meet his parents and his older brother... We drove for at least an hour in the middle of no where. And there in the fields was this little cobblestone looking house. It was small- and yet the location was most beautiful. Open lands with bits of snow, cows in the pasture....I walked in and this woman, so chubby and huggable came up to me and hugged and kissed me on the cheek... She escorted me into the main room quarters and introduced me to the rest of the family. They thought it was a joy meeting someone from Georgia...a black person at that...I learned that everything said the word *eh* followed... "Ms. callie would you care for some tea eh?" "Ms. callie you thinks you'd be likin to move here eh?" As I sat on the sofa, I did a scan survey of the surroundings... In the kitchen area there was a big black pot bellied stove, and the sink had flowers and herbs surrounding it.. There were cabinets that were old and what seemed to be hanging half on half off, there were tiny ceramic ornaments settled on the tiny fireplace mantle.... And quilts...I am a whore for quilts...They were everywhere! My friends mother offered me home made biscuits and cookies with jam.... "I'm sorry- we are not as fancy as you are probably used to eh?" she smiled at me...

    "Maam, please don't apologize... I am sorry that I am not able to experience such wonderful hospitality in Georgia, as you all have graciously given to me...." My friend offered to take me walking and told the family we would arrive back shortly in time for supper.. Before walking out the door his mom, started shouting- "Charles, she can't go walking in the cold in those sandals, eh- the poor childs toes are sticking out eh- she can wear my galoshes eh!". ( I wasn't wearing sandals..I was trying to be cute in my high heel shoes) I followed her to her room, and she pulled out these huge boots and a nice warm pair of socks....She wrapped a scarf around my neck and tied it as if I was a little girl... I went for my walk and listened as my friend gave me the history of his family, the house, their land.. We saw a big patch of grass that was smashed..."That there is where an elk or moose was layin eh." We walked, and he talked and I listened... Before long it was supper time. Hot chicken soup, and biscuits, and tea...and of course more cookies.... Before long, I had become so comfortable and relaxed sitting in the main room- I found myself dozing, and woke up to find myself wrapped in a quilt that my friend put over me while I slept...

    "Are you awake now?" "Time to get you back to my place eh." I got up, folded the quilt back and straightened out the pillows on the sofa.. Every one wished me well....Charles's mother came up to me and gave me a big bear hug...."I be thinkin my son is smitten with ya eh?" she beamed...she handed me a small sack and kissed me on my cheek..."Now, whenever you don't feel no hospitality in those Georgia parts, you be comin back here eh?"......I shook my head in agreeance, hugged her for a while and left.....My friend and I kept in touch for a few more years after that.... He often asked me when I was coming back, and I always said soon...But I never did...Stupid things got in the way...Life.... We strayed pretty much after that and lost touch......

    I took the invitation to return for granted.... I should have gone again....I really had no reason not to. I just didn't do it... I guess, that is why I am the way I am now... I don't want to miss anything... I try and do whatever I can to see and participate in as much as I can and not waste one single minute of the day...Perhaps that makes it hard for a relationship where I am concerned... I guess in my own way- I am high maintenance. I cant find a guy to keep up..*laughs* but......I think that is on my agenda for next year along with everything else... Here is the list thus far-

    Skydiving again (which by the way can be scratched...it wasn't that much fun for me)
    Tornado Storm Chasing for a week
    Back to Hawaii
    2 weeks missionary work... *You all I am really wanting to do this... I am trying to raise the funds... I was once selected to do ESL- English as a Second Language in Dharmasala India to Tibetan Refugees, and I have been interested in going to Africa....So we shall see...*
    and of course another Cruise- Alaska, and going back to Canada....

    Of course all of these are tentative... But- it's the goal... Ok..so I am sure you all are bored out of your wits right now..So I will end this and just hit the hay...EH?"....LOL


    PS... "what was in the sack? More cookies.....eh"