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  • Saturday, November 25, 2006

    Ok All-

    This post of mine today may come out as full force to some of you, however I just had to get this off my 38D chest. Political Correctness May not Apply...Therefore, In all sincerity if this posts upsets or offends you, then click out as soon as possible- for I am not caught up right now in what is prohibited or not....

    Let's Begin...

    This incident about the Michael Richards *Kramer* situation is what Bernie Mac would say "Thats some Buuull!"
    It is now being reported that the gentleman he lashed out at- are not only wanting an apology, but monetary compensation.... OK....Let me think on this one for a moment and then reiterate for my own sake of comprehension.... You went to a comedy club...You were causing a disturbance-the comic lashes out *inappropriately*- you get upset and leave, the comic realizes he inserted more than his foot in his mouth, the comic is trying to make amends, you now come out to identify yourselves, and not only demand an apology from the Comic himself face to face *which is fair* but you also want money because you were....what?.......

    Did I just bump my damn head? Because me- personally if I could go back up to this day and sue everyone that called me a nigger, I would be rich. I would not be working a job with no insurance because I need to work. Now- supposedly, the gentleman that are suing, has told their attorney who is also expressing that the clients are *deeply troubled and that this kind of incident should not be tolerated or given to anyone.* OK Rocket scientist...How do you go about the rest of the world being able to sue those Black Comics that use the word? Or...what about the Musicians that use that word...OR better yet- what about the Politicians and Sports Coaches- What about Bosses-Employees..get the picture? Should they be compensated monetarily "Hell NO".....Take your apology and roll with it.. You are not the only ones that have been racially discriminated against... It happens all of the time...It just happened to my girl Diva a few days ago.. You don't think she was hurt, upset, saddened? You don't think I felt that way when a landlord that had an advertisement for a House for Rent, told me to my face when I went to speak to him about it, "Sorry, if I had known when we spoke by phone, that you were a nigger, I wouldn't have asked you to come view the house." You don't think that shit upset me? Oh- but let me just sue everyone that does though..... And for those of you that think it still doesn't happen, think again...This is 2006...

    I asked a black male friend of mine today what his thoughts were...And you know what he told me.....

    "Nigger means ignorant
    Nigga means homie- partner
    Negro means ethnicity"

    "It's ok if Negros- call each other Nigger, Niggaz....But it isn't ok for anyone outside that ethnicity to do it"....Ok...so....because I am not all that smart- "You mean it is ok for blacks to call each other that anytime-anywhere- but it is humiliating to have someone that isn't black to do it? Is that correct?..."

    "Nah Nah man- see, if anyone one you know says it- its cool, but if you don't know them, and they say it- it's fighting words..."
    "So- once again, its cool to say if the persons are black- as long as they know you- and vice versa?"
    "Nah man- if you and I are on the street or going to the grocery store, and some black guy says "What up Nigga"- then its on!"
    Well why is it on?
    "Because I don't know him."

    OK- that helped me understand alot... *NOT*..*laughs....People, racism has been around a loooong time..and it will continue to prevail... When little polls come out of How to end racism...Don't even bother.....The question that should be asked is how can we be more tolerate of others that are discriminating to us....Not us as a specific group of people, but as humans...... Look around....We are so proud to say America the beautiful- the melting pot..And yet when cultures and ethnicity and all of those other specialities start to melt- well we now are trying to separate ourselves..Kind of hard to do when we are all mixed in the same pot isn't it?

    To the young men that felt offended.....I am sorry that you had that experience, but to request or demand a financial gain for something that we all go through- even the ones that do not even recognize it- well....*scratches my head* does it really make you a winner in all of this? Does it vindicate the many that go through this day in and out? Can you really take the money, spend it frivolously, and then look at yourself in the mirror and say- I deserve this?

    Yeah- thought so....