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  • Friday, December 01, 2006

    People- it is Hot Damn Friday!
    Oh Thank you..I made it another week of jacking off!

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    So Me for the moment don't you agree???
    Ok before I begin- I need to tell you all something *very* important... I Love All Ya'll Peeps! I am so addicted to seeing if you all leave momma a message from time to time.... You MAKE my day....
    *That Guy*- I am sorry sweetness that your post is not taking..Perhaps it was a down time for blogger??? I don't know..But try again cause you were missed.

    Ok People.....Enuff mushiness and going back to the past... Let's Freakin Do THIS!

    Ladies and Gentleman
    Pimps and Pimpettes
    Posers and...errrr...Posers...
    May I introduce the First Callies Realm- Funky Friday ShoutOut Grand Marshall!
    I crossed this young ladies path- a few weeks ago with her blog entitled:
    Dirty Banana Pants.(you can find it in the blog roll to your right)... Well with a name like that I delved deeper into this world and what I found astonished and perhaps shocked the Hell out of Moi... Not only is she beautiful, talented, and witty....BUT.....Can you believe that on the outside she is white as frosty the snowman- *minus a piss mark* BUT she is also BLACK???? No no...you are not understanding me...She was not genetically altered, nor is she considered biracial...

    She is truly a BLACK PERSON, in a white body... Now, this is nothing new to me...Look at Eminem.....Look at Vanilla Ice.... BUT what IS new to me...Is that she is a white woman- but a BLACK MAN on the inside!!! Confused??? Don't be..... After reading some of her bloggings, it was confirmed to me that this hellion was a force to reckon with! Not only can she do the female shit, but she can also slam dunk, pick her afro, and eat a whole mofo buffett bar and not gain a single damn pound! and THAT people takes talent! Confusing ass talent...but none the less...TALENT....Last night I was jumping online to see if any of you gave me a shout or the finger or what ever, and Lord and behold Ms. thing was online with her photo attached to her chat instant messages..... People....I *know* I blew a fart on this one....I begged her to allow me to post her photo for you all- and she specifically wanted me to let you all know:

    "This is how I look on the inside!"

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Go Ahead and damn laugh....I did... and I still am laughing......So- with that introduction- I now present to you *Christy- of Dirty Banana Pants- Black Man in A White Womans Body*

    I would first like to thank alcohol, for if it weren't for this beautiful beverage, I would never have realized that I am a gigantic African American Man trapped in a Skinny White Woman's Body. So, to you Alcohol, I owe my biggest gratitude.

    I would next like to thank the Lord...for creating the person who discovered alcohol....see above....

    And last, but oh so not least I would like to thank Callie for making me laugh my damn ass off.....yes, that's right, I no longer have an ass.... So glad you found me....

    And that Ladies and Gents is your Grand Marshall! Today....Let there be no more confusion when it comes to freakin gender people!


    That Guy- You are missed and loved-Hurry the hell back...PS....wanna meet again??*winks
    Da Diva- Things come and go.. Let it all roll off like a duck in water...This to shall pass.
    Sheets- I have regorganized the whoop ass plan..We are sending Christy.....
    Scott- Thank you for the conversation on your smoke breaks...You need to cut that shit out...I enjoy having you around..*winks PS.....we'll hook up soon for that drink.
    Black Modz- elegant is one word you are when I read your thoughts.
    Fancy- I am sure I read your blog but need more info so I can add you! I do appreciate your visit.
    Elixir- You Rawk
    Diana- Love your site with the graphics..So pretty
    Aizir- I can tell by the graphics you put on my tag box your a party person! My birthday is in March...Holla
    Erwin- if only someone could write me words the way you do....*Astounding*
    Shen- Much love to you for sending me props! Keep in touch..OK???
    And to all of you other lurkers out there- This is a Realm of fun and family love! Keep coming back...Peace love and joy to you all...
    And I end this special announcement from none other:
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"I know you don't smoke weed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do! "