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  • Friday, May 04, 2007

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    I know you lurve me people. You don't have to bow and kiss my pedicured feet, I recognize
    such beautiful affections and tokens from those of you that send me a shout out from time to time. I thank you!!!

    So- what's going on in my world right about now? Nada..Not a damn thang people. I am tired, I am restless, I am just wanting to curl back into my bed with my ceiling fan on and just pass the heck out.. Oh but that's ok... I will be reved and ready to go come Saturday...

    Cinco De Mayo People!!! May 5th!!!!
    My motto- *Party Like a Rawk Star*...or if your already a rawk star like the group NERACRUZ- then pretend to be a Rawk Star.

    I am absolutely freakin bored people... CNN is more interesting than I am right about now... They at least can tell an entertaining story to enchant you all into Never Never Land. Oh speakin of Never Never Land:

    Queen Elizabeth....
    Going. To WalMart.

    THAT my friends would be a cool Never Never Never Land moment...Would you not agree?????

    Imus...you sniveling piece of a wanna be man... Did you not have to walk a plank not too long ago?You were very remorseful as I can recall, and now you are trying to claim 40 mill. because you were fired inappropiately? Give me a damn break man...With all of the money you were making before shit hit the fan, you should have invested it more wisely. WalMart, KMart, yugo vehicles. you know what I mean???? But noooooo... Oh pity you...you were fired... Well jackass, they gave you 2 weeks before deciding they were canning your tired lame azz...Oh but I digress..your entitled to it arent you? Go ahead...Get your money, and I hope those beautiful goddesses sue your azz! If you really want to know whats its like being fired for no reason, come work in the state of Georgia... happens all the time...*Homey*

    Did I mention that on my cable channel they have a ton of work out programs and I decided to do something different last night.. Of course I waited until my son went to bed, but I took the beginner Strip Tease class.... I learned how to do the catwalk....the slow bend......the head throws......I tried to be really graceful and all, but I know I sucked cause I was stripping for a tv..Not for a real person.... and I didn't have a pole so I can swing around, and climb on.....It was not alot of fun.... So I decided to just skip that after 15 minutes, and finish on my jog and walk program..... it was alot more intense...May I add that those senior citizens ran my ass off??? I have a hole in my carpet.. fer shure.... and then after an hour of that- I hit my local grocery store and bought a pint of Ice Cream...Howz that for a workout?

    And here I sit ladies and gents...Here at my desk on a cloudy Friday...wishing I was somewhere else, with some handsome man bringing me a drink, and giving me a massage... Ahhhhh....2 months people...2 months and I shall have that wish....... Until then, suffer the wrath of blogology from a certifiable Piratess such as moi.....

    Be safe. Have fun.
    Lurve you all.

    Thought for the day:

    No No my friend....First the lime juice in a glass of ice, then the coconut rum, then the coke- top it off with another lime..That is the perfect Cuba Libra..Now pay me for teaching you how to make it!