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  • Monday, June 18, 2007

    I will rawk you people! Starting right now! Holla!!! I know some of you are jonesin for some Callie aren't you? You sit patiently clicking away on your little mouse wondering when I am going to update you on some more insane episodes of my life. Well peoplez, I am here! Ready to send you some stuff quicker than Rick Flair can mutter those famous words of his.... "Woooooooooooo"

    Lets. Do. This.

    My weekend has been a busy one people. Momma had to slow her roll and finish molding in her earthwares because they were being put to some good useage. Let us start with Friday night.

    Movie Night.... Of course my son and I and his friends had movie and junk food night.. The movie for the evening- Shaolin Soccer.*again*. I lurve it. Seen it over and over again, I know- but it was what they wanted to watch versus my pick which was an old favorite of mine.. JAWS...and it was the directors cut! And they turned me down to re-watch Shaolin Soccer smackdown.

    Saturday.. I had the day off. Can you believe that people? No scrubbing of the heads, folding towels and turning someones hair from frumpy to glowing. I was happy as a fly on crap! So my son decides- "Mom, how about we go to the mall and hangout"...Now, I have not been to the mall in forever. I do my shopping online or outside of the mall so I have no need to go, but on this so called auspicious day, I decided sure..... People...we were freakin there from 12 pm until 7 pm..It was not like we were millionaire shopping.. He just decided it would be fun to hang out...

    Needless to say- for me it was more of people watching and my son delivering us some famous:
    ELIJAHisms: Check it-

    1. Mom, I thought Michael Jackson was black? *while watching michael jackson videos on the flat screen tv's at Radio shack.
    2. Mom...... I think girls that wear those booty shorts just want attention. It looks very nasty.
    3. Mom, we come in peace. *gives me the Star Treak Vulcan sign- after looking at some babies hairdo where the parent had two pig tails sticking straight up like the vulcan peace sign.*
    4. I think that is a WhoaMan. * this was in reference to the person in one of those high fashion salons...We could not tell if they were male or female because even though they looked like a girl, had long painted nails, makeup, and spoke like a girl, even had signs of boobage, but wore a mustache and goatee.....* yeah....exactly...but they could beat a mug down and do some hair. it was great work.

    So many other things that he blurted that day but I will spare you all. Next...I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in this event.....

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket YuGiOh


    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Naruto....

    Now, being a parent, I know that at times I buy him these cards and he and his best friends are always dueling and whatever... I still had no idea about all of this and how popular it was until I heard my son shout- "Mom, stop! Can we go in here and see the cards please?" Sure...no worries...we walk into this store and all I see are kids.....Kids in different ages.... sitting at tables playing video games, or counting cards...Now when I say counting cards I am not talking about cheating... I am talking about checking their cards- putting them in order- and talking a jargon that I have NEVER heard of..... It was then my son looked at me and said: "Mom, the duel tournament is in 15 minutes can I stay?" Ummmm...Ok....but you dont have any cards... yes I do he tells me.. And behold, he reaches into his pants pockets and pulls out his cards.... He mingles and meets up with another young man- who looks at my son and says "Hey, you wanna duel"? Keep in mind I am the only parent, and I grab a chair and sit at this table with my son trying to figure out what's going on... and I am *enlightened* with the following conversation....

    Chaz- the expert: "So, are you his sister? You don't have to stay. We are old enough to be responsible while you shop."
    Chaz- the expert: "Not trying to be rude or racist- but most people that are from Africa are really rude and bossy, but your not."
    Me- *blink blink stare*
    Chaz- Most parents think that these games are considered demonic, but it isn't. It is very educational because you have to know how to do math and read in order to duel.
    Me- *blink blink stare*
    Chaz- if you ever want to learn how to organize things, I would recommend playing Tetris for 6 hours stright and then clean something.
    Me- And how old are you?
    Chaz- 12
    Me- *blink blink stare*

    As I am sitting here I notice more and more kids walk in with their little cliques. Majority of them were boys, with glasses, and IQs that could leave you stumped. And they toted massive boxes, suitcases filled with these cards.... One of them that sat at the table with my son- had not one, not two, but 4 tackle boxes filled with these cards...And organized in an order of- Powers, keepers, trades- whatever..I was freakin lost, bored, and I kinda had to step aside as I saw my son and Chaz dueling and trading cards with other people.. I blurted out in front of him during one of these transactions. "Dude! Do you know how much I paid for that deck and your trading them???" Apparently this was not a cool Mom thing, because E came up to me and whispered, "Mom, thats how I grow my deck to make it more powerful." My bad... So I decide to walk around this store, only to be hit on by Jabba the Huts brother..... He just walked up to me and started telling me about Leggos...Ok..and your point is???

    "I know of one guy" he tells me- "That built the Nasa Space shuttle....Ok...and....I am hanging here....... and he leans toward me with his cigarette breath and whispers, "Complete with gweebles"...... What the hell are gweebles??? Apparently in my brain terms of comprhending, they were all of the little intricate details of the inside of the space shuttle that actually work. 3 freakin hours later- we finally leave. My son lost all 7 games...but he was happy. He ended up with some good cards in trade offs...

    Sunday- after church it was back to the mall to pick up my necklace that broke, get E's glasses fixed, and of course...ANOTHER Tournament of Yugioh proportions. This time I was smart. I set a time limit and walked the mall. Played with a puppy in the pet store that I want so bad- window shopped and finally ended up orgasming from a chair massager in the Discovery Channel store. It was balls to the wall people. My back never felt so good... AND they had that foot massager thingy also.

    Of course after 3 more hours of dueling, my son finally walks out and he tells me he won 3 times but lost the other times....And that this is a weekend hangout.... Ummm yeah..we shall see....Movie night again....

    and Ghost Rider...it was ok..but Nick looks funny with those false teeth now.

    And later on that day we did the ever famous *car ride* where we put on our pj's and ride downtown atl and eat at the Varsity Drive In...Thats a cheap date highlight people. But also a cool one that we enjoy..Until this morning of course when I am told- his stomach hurts. *It's gas- he'll be aiight after a good bowel movement.*

    And that people....wrapped up my weekend.. I am tired...still catching a breather...but here... So- I am now coming to the conclusion that the Yugioh thingy was a set up....What ya think?

    Ps...... Is it true that you have to say those little jargon terms when dueling??? I'm jus askin yo...