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  • Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    FOR YOU:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "thank you"....That was so kind of you to say those things.. It means alot....

    Ok People...Now to the second part of my post.. First of all, is ANYONE having trouble posting a title in the blog header? Mine simply does not work..Which is why my Blogs are coming out kind of funny for a Title.... Ummmmm- let me know so I can fix whatever I need to fix....

    Now- hold on to your butts.... I am one of those people that sleeps with the cell phone on.. I do this because I never know when someone in my family, or if any one that I know of will have an emergency need, even if it is just to talk so I leave my phone on... AND believe it or not about 80 sumething percent of the time when people call I am alert and can speak to you as if I was never asleep. I know...I boggle the minds people....

    So...last night...3 am.... I am sleeping...HARD...I mean the air conditioner is blasting at 58 degrees, I am bundled in my thick down comforter and my phone starts to ring. I immediately wake up and grab it...

    Me- Hello?
    Me- Hello????
    nothing.................................. but I listen more carefully and I hear something but cannot make it out....... so I hang up....And start to fall back to sleep...My phone rings again....
    Me- Hello?????
    Him- Hey........what are you doin??? *A blast from the past that I severed the ties with.*
    Me- I am sleeping...Why are you whispering are you in some kind of trouble?
    Him- No.....
    And this people...was the kick ass highlight of this conversation and yes... I had to calm myself down.......
    Him- you know, your spoiling the mood...
    Me- and what mood is that?
    Him- I am trying to get off and I need you to help me.

    I think I sat straight up in the bed on this one..... I was livid...I know I wanted to say few choice words in the midst of his panting...So I decided what the hell... He thinks I am killing his mood, his erection buzz..So let me give him what he wants.

    So...I ask him....
    Me- So....are you laying down...
    Of course he says yes, and I proceed with this as his breathing starts to become eratic...
    Me- You know...Your so cute...But I don't think you are a good lay..In fact your penis is small...and you never really did it for me... Just to get you to hurry up, I faked it...alot....
    Him- What the F- - -! Now why you gonna start saying stuff like that?
    Me- because it's true...Imagine this...at your age, your shriveled penis that your stroking now trying to harden will become limp in a few years...You will not only have to pop viagra but you will also probably experience that what I say is truth because I am sure Jody *another man* is stroking whoever it is on the side your seeing better than you ever will or can....

    By this time..I think he is beyond pissed because I heard him mutter F-You...and of course in my awakened haze I muttered... No...F-You! Don't ever call my house again . Needless to say, the phone went silent...I crawled back under my covers with a smile on my face and pat my own back....

    F-Me????....no...F-You.......glad to have been of service to assist you in your mood.