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  • Friday, July 20, 2007

    People. It is Friday and I am stoked! This has been a long week for me. I have just been busy and with that assisting my friend, and I am just ready to get the hellup out of here! Does anyone else get like that from time to time? I hope so..that way I don't sound crabby all the time.... So- last night I watched a movie called GOAL......Lurved it people. And yeah- I had a small amount of eye wettage at the end. It's a good movie, and the actor was all kinds of fine. Oh check it- yes it is a movie about Futball-Soccer- whatever- Guess who made probably 15 million dollars to make a small appearance in a nightclub? You guessed. Bend it like Beckham himself...playing...Himself....He is a cutie too....tall.....whateverz..Anyways- it's a movie worth watching......

    Alas- People...I lurve watching the Discovery Channel from time to time- animal planet- you know the deal..But I also lurve to watch the Public Broadcasting Station- When they do shows on things like- What state has the best sandwiches, HotDogs....and then this one made another debut for it's curiousity that I just lurve to watch...

    "OKE NOODLIN" alright....now- I know in different parts of the world there are a few of you that are all about fishing, hunting, etc.etc. And while watching this and of course laughing, I decided to touch base with someone that could clarify a few questions that I had about this type of Fishing Sport...So...I went through my blogroll and thought...Janus does not do this type of hunting or fishing-besides he is in S.Africa...and then I thought.....I know who to ask! None other than this man: PIMP DADDY HUNTER REX and yes, please feel free to click on his name which will lead you to his site..... So...I sent Pimp Daddy a questionaire and thought I would share it with you all- cause Thats how I roll people....
    Now....Noodlin from what the man in the lake was defining- is the art of Hand Fishing.... But it is not just any fish- it is Cat Fish...You know..the ones that have the long cat like whiskers? Only thing is...It is not your normal looking grocery store in the tank swimming fish...It is scary fish..Ginormous fish...that bite....sting.....Bitch Fish people!

    And well......these men......mainly....climb in the murkiest lakes, and go *looking* for these fish....And when they find a decent spot they then stick not only their hands, but sometimes will submerge themselves into crevices, to grab these freakin bitch fishes.......Yeah....to me...it is kinda like going into a bear den, and looking for a bear and when I find it to yank it by the ear and try and bring him home to be stuffed....Smart eh? But I digress...Onward with the Noodlin Interview.
    Me:Noodlin- Is it really a sport- or is it to prove that macho thing? You know...manly?

    Pimp Daddy Rex: It is a sport and manly, kinda macho too. The name noodlin is pretty lame, down here it is called grabbling.

    Me:Do you just jump in the creek or what ever and start sticking your hand in- or do you like learn how to by other means.....?
    Pimp Daddy Rex: no, you ease up on a spot that a catfish may be laying. they get in logs and holes to lay their eggs. the males and females then have to keep water moving over them to get them to hatch. A loud noise and the fish is gone. We grabbled out of logs, you block the end with your body, run a pole in and when he trys to get out, you get him.

    *Me thinking- who in their right minds will actually volunteer to be bait?*
    Me: I kinda figure...Men that do this might practice on their lovers...But is it game for the women Noodlers to practice on their men? Jus askin yo.
    Pimp Daddy Rex: any kind of grabbing or noodling with a woman sounds fun to me
    *Me thinking- sure it might...only I wouldn't want to be flushed out of a log.*

    Me: The guy said catching cat fish like this is Slippery When Wet- which is why they call it Noodlin- because it is like a wet noodle...Ummm ya think who ever came up with that was listening to Motley Crew at the same time?

    Pimp Daddy Rex: maybe, to catch them, better wear leather gloves, you run a rope in their mouth and out their gill, tie it off and pull him in the boat. this is not a technique to use on women, by the way.
    *Me thinking- duh ya think? I wish some man would try and string a piece of rope out of my cheek. He would get a major beat down.*
    Me: Wanna have a beer with me?
    Pimp Daddy Rex: that sounds really good
    Me: OK..so...do you know of any Noodlers?
    *The reason I asked is because Noodlin is considered illegal in certain states according to Game and Wild life Officials.*
    Pimp Daddy Rex: most people down here have tried it, one way or another.
    Me: What advice do you give to fellow wanna be Noodlers?

    Pimp Daddy Rex: buy a wet suit and heavy leather gloves
    *I would also like to add perhaps a face mask- with heavy netting, a rifle to ward off snakes, damn just...don't do it!*

    Me: When do you want that beer?
    Pimp Daddy Rex: soon as I see you.
    *Me thinking-We aint skinny dippin or chunky dunkin (for people that aren't skinny to dip) in no lake to freakin Noodlin or Grappling. I will open a bottle of Jackie Chan whoop ass.*
    Me: Is it true that Professional Noodlers taunt City Guys because they are to chicken to Noodle?
    Pimp Daddy Rex: yes, damn yankee cowards
    *Me laughing as I look through my blog roll... Ed Philly, rent a dive suit and prove em wrong!*
    Me: I would be shit scared personally.... So.....how bout that beer???
    Pimp Daddy Rex: a cold beer after doing it helps settle the nerves and makes you feel great!
    *Me thinking- Funk.That.Noize. More like Tequilla!*

    Me: Thank you for your assistance in helping me understand the true Oneness of Noodlin....It is not something I will attempt, but ya got guts....
    Pimp Daddy Rex: I am attaching a pic of a log that we run every now and then. We always turn the fish loose. this is my cousin running the log.

    *Yeah- I know it is blurry, but hell, you do not *need* an actual clear view to know that he conned his poor cousin to get in that water- while his ass sits in a boat drinking beer!*

    Pimp Daddy Rex: Now about that beer?................

    Me: Your on!

    Thank you Rex for your time! Look forward to that beer!