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  • Monday, July 23, 2007

    Bear with me people. it is Monday and I have been going non stop since Friday which means that the weekend was totally gone before I could even get it started. First of all on Saturday I went to my part time gig and was worked the heck out! We did so many Highlights that day- if need be we could have invested in Reynolds Foil wrap and may have received some coupons or something because that is all she wrote that day... Every client that came in wanted- High lights- low lights-... I still have signs of chemical dye on my nails..Ewwww... but it looks alot better today than Saturday......

    Oh- I have a question and what better person that I know of to ask then my good friend Dazd because he trains dogs and all- by the way Dave- so does Pete in South Africa! He has I think the kind of dog that is in your photo.... Oh snaps- ok so...my question.. I am outside cleaning the windows of the salon, and 2 great danes walk up to me..Just like it was a sunday stroll, and of course I stop what I am doing because I am a dog lover and I have to show them some lurve and then it happens..That embaressment of tail wagging and crotch sniffing...Why??? I mean- I showered, I know I am lilly massengil fresh- so why are these dogs trying sniff my crotch?

    Riddle. Me. That.

    Needless to say by my shifts end- when 9pm rolled around I was in the bed..To tired to even get up and shower- and that people says alot because I am after all a shower person. Sunday..I crawled out of my bed and literally sat in the shower...I just could not move....That hot water did some good though because I was much better for the remainder of the day....I spent it once again at the mall...and you know why right? Of course you do! Because now I have to drop my poo bear off to the mall each weekend to compete in those Yugioh tournaments.... So of course I am there waiting with him until things get started and guess who starts giving me conversation of the creepy kind? You are correct.. Mr. gweeble himself...Like I really care about what cards are out- and if they sell ice cold sodas or not..Like I really care to know that Naruto is better than Yugioh...Okay already..enuff...So I left and went to walk around.

    Now this is the Second part of ask a question...... As I am walking around the mall and I stop in one store- one of the sales people comes up to me and asks if I need help..etc etc..No thank you was my reply.. And yet *he* kept asking questions that started to no longer be sales ettiquette....
    So- you live around here
    How do you like atlanta
    are you single...

    Errrrrr....*insert tire squeals here*

    So I smile and I look at this guy and politely ask... "Why are you asking me all of these questions?" and of course he then tells me- you seem like a very nice Lady and I would like to ask you out. and people...I did not know what to say...literally...so.. I just said what came to my mind and lips... "How old are you?" and of course it was met with: "How old do I look?" so..I tell him.. I am 37. and he looks and smiles and says- "I am 32 and I like older women, not that you look old because you are very pretty and young to be 37- but I don't mind. " So with that, he asks again. "So, may I have your number so I may take you out- get to know you." by this time my son comes walking up and I of course introduce my son to this gentleman.. They shake hands, my son walks off- he looks at me and tells me how my son looks like me and that he is still waiting for an answer...and what do I say? "No..sorry".... and I walk to the other side of the store... Well as I am leaving the store Mr. Man walks up to me and gives me his business card with his cell and work number and asks me to call him if it makes me feel better.....

    And I am sure by now- you all- my faithful readers can give me much advice because I am rambling...I mean..he is very handsome, and his smile...lights up a room..and yet I do not know if it is the age thing I am struggling with- or if it is just me in general because I am so content with the path I am on- that I do not want any distractions, and yet- I miss the company of a nice man........

    Crap...Ok....fire away......