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  • Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    I am so sorry ya'll... As Dazd mentioned, the bootylicious tour has taken it's toll. Ha!
    Actually not. I have just been that hellaciously busy yo! I am in the midst of doing a few other blogs, one is a travel blog- and the other is a blog geared to women today and then some. I just wanted to get a feel for doing some other types of writing.

    Ontop of that- you all recall my telling you that I was nominated as President of the Senior Citizens Club for my church, and well that takes alot. Saturday was our first meeting of the year and they are very excited and want to do everything they are able to do. Of course I have to monitor those activaties because I am too scared to do any more casino runs, and last but not least, I do not want to cause a cocoon invasion with them running out into a swimming pool to go skinny dipping or something like that.

    I have also been engaged in mommy duties of a different kind, as now my lil man is almost 13- I had a breakdown on the way home last week while sitting at a rail road track and the thought of him turning 17 in 4 years really took an unexpected toll on my thinking process. He no longer likes for me to give him hugs and kisses on his cheek in front of his friends...He learned how to make brownies which by the way rawked socks. I think I am going through a phase of *being totally alone* in 4 years.......or so......depends on his direction in life. Man. I reek as a mom. Sunday night when I got home from a Study class- he was laying on the sofa and he whispered:

    Him- Hi mom, I hurt my hand.
    Me- What do you mean you hurt your hand?
    Him- ok if I show you promise you won't freak out?
    Me- Boy, just show me what your talking about!
    Him- promise mom!
    Me- ok! I promise now show me.

    and he lifts his hand and behold you can see where a few fingers especially one is looking like something out of the hulk.
    Me- "Oh Shit!" was my - "promise not to freak out expression."
    Him- mom you promised!
    Me- ok...but...oh shit! we need to get you to the hospital...Come on let's get some ice on it!

    and I forced his hand into a cooking pot full of ice. yeah- his fingers turned a little blue. sue me. I then calmed down *2 glasses of wine later* and had a heart to heart chat with him.... I basically told him that from now he has to stay inside. ok I was kidding. but man......I had to bite my tongue and let him be a man in training ya know? I ended up touching base with my best friend Hope via text...

    Me- "Yo!"

    I explained to her what happened and with her being a critical care nurse people she freakin rawks! She is one of those nurses that if your bleeding all over the place and in a holding cell- you slip her a crisp 20.00 bill and she will get ya taken care of. She is such a wonderful help in time of need. and believe me people, out of pocket expenses for hospital care would send me over. But she determined that E's finger was not broken, and to just soak on ice and get it splinted. THANK YOU ghetto pharmacy care Walgreens! People- they have every type of splint you could think of! $5.86 later I had my sons finger wrapped in swaddling cloth all to perfection. and the kind I got needed no tape! It was velcro yo! after I got him doctored up I just happened to have looked into those beautiful spanish eyes and he asks me in all sincerity.

    Him- momma? how am I gonna write in school?

    I looked at him and it then dawned on me it is his right hand- first finger....So- I look back at him and tell him in all sincerity-

    Me- Baby, just straddle that pencil in such a way like this *and I do an example* and write like your in kindergarten, OR I can buy you those big fat newbie pencils?

    case closed. yesterday by end of day his finger swelling had gone down tremendously...thank you God! and that people, is my current update. I am really trying to balance things out, I am sure I will. It will just take some time. bear with me aiight?

    other than that- I am truckin it ya know? best way I know or can...........

    thought for the day from the mouth of babes "elijahism":
    Him- "Mom, juan said that rock music is stupid, and you know what I told him?"
    Me- "ummmm nope what say ye?"
    Him- "I told him it wasn't stupid at all because rock singers use big words that I have to look up on google. that would make rock singers pretty smart."