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  • Monday, November 06, 2006

    Hey All-


    This is so me.. I was getting a few complaints that my other blog was not showing up correctly...I am thinking it is because of the beta formatting going on with the Blogger system, which enables some to view, and some to well damn speculate I guess....Anyways- this is more me.... She is the tribal girl I love...

    Oh- this my dear friends is what greeted me in the middle of the night on Saturday.....

    Him-"Mom, I threw up"
    Me- jumps straight up in my bed and looks at my son.... "Where?"
    Him- "In the bathroom"
    Me- "Ok baby, that's where it needs to go, go back to bed."

    Little did I know when I got up the next morning to check on him, when he said *In the bathroom* it meant in the bathroom all over the floor... So yeah, I was up mopping vomit for half of my Sunday prior to church. I guess he and his friends did not think cheap pizza, extra extra cheese, popcorn, soda, milkshakes, and fig newtons would not wreak havoc on ones stomach.....Yeah, I bet he knows now... Castor Oil could not be given fast enough. *winks*

    How about we have another bathroom bomber issue at work? I reported it this time... How can you pee all over the floor and not even bother to clean it up...nasty I tell you, just funky. And I am not talking about the funky cold medina kind either.... And what kills me, some of these people ask for a restroom when I get them registered right? they are perhaps here for an interview.... Well, if they go to the restroom, and you extend your hand to greet your guest knowing they just walked out of the latrine , take a look at the hands ahead of time to notice any water droplets.......That is your clue that you do not want to eat anything they may bring to your next company function.

    My weekend, or shall I say the remainder of it , has been ok. I was able to do my confrontation phase that I had spoken to you all about on the last entry.... I will just leave it at that... I went back to the doctor on Saturday and I lost another pound and gained 2 pounds of muscle- which is good... However I have slacked for 2 days due to my period starting, and I have been craving chocolate like a mofo, so I just picked up a box of raisinets and a box of pads and I am happy now....By the way.......... LADIES.............Be careful when trying this product:
    Menses Cups. I bought a box of these a few months ago, because I am a big advocate of Holistic Health, Organics, and things of that nature.. So I had heard about this product, read up on it, and bought a box for like 3 bucks..... Putting it in is simple, comfortable and it feels waaaaay better than a tampon and pad... Getting it out...Now THAT is a bitch.... basically, when you get ready to change it out, you just slide your finger in and hook around the band and pull it out..... Ok....no problem....ONLY for me, it kind of vacuumed and got lost. Not that I am loose mind you, but I have strong muscles..Anyways, that is another story, get your head out the gutter, I told you I had skillz... Anyways, I had to lay on my bed, spread eagle and freakin bare down like in pregnancy and pull hard to yank it out... Oh my Gosh! What a freakin mess...Because with these devices, it basically fills like a cup, and I don't think that's healthy....Instead of sucking it out on cotton, your catching it in a cup, and then if you have a vacuum vagina like I do and cant get it out, then it spills inside you during that process...So...yeah basically, just stick with the cotton rocket and diaper. Geez, the things we go through to have a life.

    You guys, I am so sorry about the Funky Friday Shoutouts! I was in a melancholy mood, and I was not feeling it...But I am somewhat better now- so I tell you what, how about I just do it today?

    DIVA- when did your man decide to come down and stay with you??? you have some things going on. Hope you get it all settled. Call if you need me.

    Da Swaff- You are the man... I love ya...... you and your battalion keep your head up and watch your six!

    Twist.......*smiles* yes, absinthe does make the heart grow fonder..... looking forward to my photo session.

    Sheets- your so awesome.. Thank you for your jokes and your sweet spirit.

    Viking- where do I begin? *smiles*

    T- we never made it to the club....darn you...you are missed.

    And to anyone and everyone else.......you know the drill.....

    PS.... PEOPLE....take a moment to VOTE tomorrow....yeah I know.....But guess what, it's part of my right as a citizen of this great country....Exercise yours!

    ciao bella!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting