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  • Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Yes...a glorious MeMe from none other than lovely Snavy.....Be on the lookout- since I have been tagged- you lurkers could be next!!

    1.What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6? Ummmmm....during that time I would have to say Ms. Johnston..She was awesome as a grade school teacher with a direct eye to eye contact and a booming voice of charisma and enunciation like that of Sidney Poitier and James Earl Jones. She captivated my spirit.

    2.Did you argue with teachers? Only with one...Ole man Watson..He taught history...This particular event was in reference to teaching the civil war and slavery...He was kind enough *sarcasm here* to explain to everyone by picking out a few minorities ahem- and saying that *we were not slaves but are colored.* Well this did not sit right for me at my age and I raised my hand and told him- "That if he could find my color in the crayon box then so be it, but other than that- I was black hispanic and I did not recall Crayola giving me my own crayon." well this did not sit right with him. He told me I was being rude and impolite. I replied he was wrinkley and racist. Got sent to the principle..She called a meeting...He was nice the rest of the school term.

    3.What subject did you favor in high school? English Lit and Drama

    4.Did you attend a university and if so, did you attain a degree? I did not have University patience but I did go to school to get my extra lern on. Graduated in Early Childhood Dev. and a Legal Program..*I cant discuss which Legal program cuz I will have to pop a cap in ur azz.*

    5.Do you learn best through books, by watching, or hands-on? I failed Sex Ed....what does that tell you???

    6.Has education been an ongoing process for you? Yes...Although now, I appreciate learning more now that I am getting older.

    7.What seven people are you tagging to do this? Wanda, cuz she always does my Memes and she is soooooo freakin smart I tell ya! ummmmmm let's see... Fancy, Anna-Lys, ahhhhhhh... *THAT GUY* with your cute lurkin self..I know you have been here.. Holla at me!, and ahhhhh....I dunno...... Oh KEV would cuz he is my homey. and PETE in South Africa.....