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  • Monday, July 09, 2007

    Hardy Har-Har peoplez. I know you all or at least a few of you have been missin some Callie, and I am sorry... But here is a gist of what's going on among other incredible weird thoughts...

    First of all- is anyone else having problems with Blogger, because as I type this my words are looking like a 3D exhibit and I am a tad upset because I did not get any 3D glasses to view it in.

    In respects to my focus time- and assisting another. I have a very dear friend that has prostrate cancer and I have been devoting some time to assisting him as well as myself.. It saddens me and I am trying to get through it. Although it is not me that is dying, but it is still a process that I am mustering through with keeping his spirits up, as well as the energy. Basically my peeps, I am flat ass tired in all aspects. But for him, I push on and keep him pushing on.....and in that I find strength that I did not know I had.....

    I am dealing alot with watching and hearing my friend become more and more humbled. There was a time when he used to make fun of me and hurt my feelings, and this and that- and yet when you are told basically, "hey, your dying" your thoughts and actions tend to mellow and perhaps you seem to see things in a different aspect. We made up- forgave each other and now we just look to each other for guidance and deepening of our friendship. So- I am sorry if I don't have all the giddyness recently in my posts.... But as his health detoriates, I myself feel a tad more broken... But all will be fine... Just bear with me....

    On the homefront, my kid decided to inform me under no circumstances that when he turns 18 he is joining the Army. Along with him- his best friend also said the same thing.... I tell you...I could only sit there and say to both of them..."Ok".... I do not know what their future holds or how things will be- so I do not waste my energy or time in trying to convince them other wise.

    We also decided to watch the 2nd movie of the Saw series. Recall my telling you all that I made it through the 1st and 3rd? Well, we watched the 2nd and I must admit the others fell into place and I now understand how all this stuff came about. Albeit I still covered my peepers and screamed alot..*laughs*

    As for Ms. "Your Racist" she has been back to work *with* her badge and has even tossed in some nice pleasentries each morning now. That Rawks.It makes my day alot easier people....

    For any of you that like Hot Chocolate, might I recommend that you not use Hersheys Cocoa-Baking Mix.....No matter how much you dilute- it still looks like mississippi mud and tastes like a barium enema concoction. Chalky. but filling. and yet I have PMS so I was craving chocolate and this is what I had on hand for the moment. The directions give a recipie for hot chocolate. But it sucks.

    My friend *That Guy* I think is going to try and set me up with a few of his select Navy friends per my request. This might be interesting. Although right now- I don't want anyone in my life- perhaps I just want a pen pal.....yeah..that's the ticket...I am content with how my social life is for the moment.....

    Did you all read about Clay Aiken and that lady getting into it on a plane? Word has it he propped his feet onto her chair arm rest and she pushed them off and he got uptight and she offered him a beatdown that he backed out of... All I know is- I do not like to fly much because I always get a seat next to a weirdo with mad body odor, or there is always some screaming child . Last flight I took to Mexico- I not only had family members that took my seat and did not want to move, but I had to listen to some kid scream the whole time..I so wanted to turn around and offer the mom some benadryl to pump down his throat. In the case of Clay Aiken, he would have started to sing falsetto because had he jumped in my face, I would have punched him right in the balls.

    Gas is nearing 3.00 again...I am sooo investing in a scooter...... Pink- with butterflies and a gangstah lean logo with designer spinner wheels.

    And with that people...forgive me, but I am tired, I am hungry and need some coffee, and well you know the drill...

    Wishing you all a great Monday.