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  • Friday, August 31, 2007

    Yum! Got my coffee, got my feet propped up on my little foot stool *which happens to be a designer- recycable collectors item... A Big Box with Zerox Paper Reams inside!* Got my favorite t-shirt on supporting New Orleans, my favorite baggy denim jeans, *cause I cannot stand crotch sniffer pants- you know the kind that are too tight in the crotch area?* and that people is my comfortable pose for the day while typing you all some morning- blog goodness....

    First of all- may I say that I am stoked that today is Friday, I am off till Tuesday, so do not expect any kool blogging this weekend, AND I am kinda sad at the same time, because I will be alone.. Yes people...Alone..My youngin will be whooping it up at Grandmas, and I will be sitting at home- sad........ I also think I am just hormonal ... Last night lil man and I watched SuperMan Returns. He had already seen it, and of course I had to order at least 1 and 2 to show him who the *real* Superman was and how all this started....I do believe under his breath he said they were corny, never the less, he had to watch it. Well on yesterday we watched this one, and I was just in freakin tears by the end people...why???? Was it because Lois was still in lurve with Superman and they don't hook up? Was it because I missed seeing Christopher Reeve play that part? Or was it just that I ran out of wine before my bar of chocolate while watching it? Who knows.....

    I know one thing..I think- I am ready to start seeing someone..meeting men...ya know? I mean that was how I was feeling 30 minutes ago- but now that I am typing this- Funk That Noize Yo! I don't want the drama and all the bs that comes along with dating....

    Next on my insane in da membrane thinking..... I was driving to work and heard Britney Spears new song..I like it..Got a little - Kylie M.- Madonna, Timbaland thump to it....I dig it..some caller stated she was ready to dance on a pole to it..I do not like that much...OH- speaking of pole dancing, did I mention to you all, that there was a time I did not feel sexy *ok so maybe I still get like that- this is my blog, just keep reading and stifle the damn giggles will ya* Anywho I did sign up for the stripper pole dancing classes for exercise.. I did not do so well.... I mean I was fine with the catwalk, and the little touch and go feel me up's now and then, but when it came to swinging on some pole and using every muscle you had to still look graceful, I was not appealing. What really did it, was when I tried one of those spin around the pole in multiple spins. I spun my ass right off into the mirror. Recognize that people! I was sexy that day so much so I autographed that mirror.

    In other thoughts of verbage...Listen to THIS ISSUE....A Woman...I would say she is 19 or 20 lives in Georgia but travels to the Beach locale in Florida to visit her parents.. She gets dressed one night, goes to a local beach bar and turns up the tequilla.... Meets and starts flirting with the bartender- they go to a hotel- do the do- never speak again- she comes back home and WHAM- she finds out she is pregnant. Now- she calls into the radio station tells her tale- and then announces, I am going back to Florida this weekend, hoping to find this guy- and to tell him I am pregnant, I am also hoping he will come with me to break the news to my parents..... Then they ask her- "What is this guys name so we can help?" Her reply.."I don't know. I only know his first name and I don't know if he is still working at the bar or not, but I know he cares and he is the one because he was so nice to me that night."

    May I just announce to all of you, that this chics cheese is not on the cracker.....How in the hell does she manage to think this man cares for her when he has never contacted her after that night? Anyways- The update on this will be either Monday or Tuesday.... I so want to hear how this one ends..Now I know where they get all this stuff for Springer.

    My friend Pele on my blogroll, I think is going to help me work out an ad for a Boyfriend...Mate.....errrrr....companion..... What the hay....Anyways... This is what I am looking for..... for the next 15 minutes anyways before I change my mind again. *hehehehe*

    Polynesian....Big and burly......has to have all his teeth or really good fake ones. and cannot smell.... Hair or no Hair...no matter to me.....Belly- no belly.....it's all good... He just has to have a heart and spirit for life...OH- he needs to be able to say more than the alphabet. I need and thrive off of intellectual stimulation...Regardless of how good you think you are in bed, I won't stick around if you cannot excite and stimulate my organ of the mind. I am simple, and do not mind living in a grass shack eating spam and eggs........ and of course- this is just a figure of speech about the grass shack ok? don't throw daggers.

    any questions?

    Yo- what are *your* plans for this weekend hayday???? holla at me..Until then-

    Malama Pono and Happy Aloha Friday.