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  • Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    I am- who I say I am- I tell the person on the other end of the phone. I kid you not. You all should just bow to this princess for always having something to write to you all. Man...0k so...on late yesterday afternoon I once again get a notice that my income taxes have been rejected. ok...why? because of a wrong date of birth..Ok... I only re-did it 4 times but I can do it again. Wrong.same thing. So I then call the IRS....give them my info..and they tell me to contact Social Security because the information that I am giving them about myself is *invalid*...............

    Ok...so- I call social security. I am screened with questions and then I am told, I am sorry- according to the Patrioit Act we can no longer discuss any info with you due to not being able to identify you according to the questions we have asked. Please submit an application or stop by your local branch for assistance...... So- I go in this morning..and wait......I sat there from the time they opened until 2 hours later to be told basically, "We're sorry, but after 9-11 alot of peoples records have been shuffled and has become disorganized in the merging of information. We show on file since 2001- that you have been under a completely different social security number, date of birth and location of birth. I am going to need to see all of your indentification to re-input into the system."

    And I hand her my passport, my drivers license, birth certificate, and for shits and giggle a utility bill. While she is pounding away on her keyboard I look at her through the glass window and ask her.... "So what is the use of the Patriot Act against Terroism if US Citizens are not being recognized and accounted for? How is it that I have been filing for taxes all of these years and I am just now being informed- albeit 7 years later that my private information has been changed and no-one told me?" She stops typing and looks at me and says: Ma'am, I understand that you may be confused or perhaps upset, but we will get this resolved as best as we can." She then tosses this in about how alot of people are just now finding out that even though they have been legally divorced for years, that it still shows in the databases in social security, that they are still married......Can you believe that?

    After she types in all of my information and re-orders a new social security card for me, I ask her- how long will this take to be updated in the IRS database? She tells me to call them she isn't sure, but to not plan on any trips or anything of that nature until it gets all *resolved*........ I get back to work and call the IRS and the nice gentleman that I was flirting with by phone *yes, I had to bring some fun into it, and he played along and said he was available* - he basically stated, that in a perfect world it would be today- however since I was not his girlfriend, and we were not in a perfect world, it would not show up in their systems until the end of February and to check back then....... Ok......my cruise is in March..... I cannot re-file for my taxes, AND I am technically still showing my birthday is the end of March, I have no valid SS# or if I do it belongs to someone else, AND I am born in a different city in the state of South Carolina.......

    - am I to have a breakdown now- or wait until my make believe birthday?


    PS... I forgot to mention to you all, this explains why TWICE I have had to participate in a strip search at the airport because my name is on the so called LIST.