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  • Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Yo! People...I got this stress under control you know? So what if my eyes are puffy from crying and not sleeping the last few nights. So what if I sound kinda hoarse when I answer the phone. Just think of me as another version of Demi Moore. I got this yo!
    It just seems in the past week roaches have just been trying to crawl all over me- but I won't let that happen see. I got a nice big pair of boots on people. grape stompin into wine boots! Sometimes you just gotta say what you feel and then cry a little and keep it movin.

    Oh- and for that additional vent- just to clear my head from unnecessary bs- "YOU" Ms. high class snobbed attorney, you better be glad I had been sippin on my calm moods tea- because had I been sippin on Red Bull and taking a ginseng vitamin pack and you rolled up at my desk cussin because this is your last day and you couldn't get back into the building- I would have jumped your ass like the great spider monkey I am! Yeah- the ONLY reason why I am bloggin about it- is because right now- I need this job to pay rent and to be able to take my fine ass and my cutey son on a vacation for my birthday you old hag. When you stood at my desk telling me how I needed to call someone else in security- or what was that you said so nicely? "You need to call someone higher up in security because your pissin me off I need to pack up my office" I just looked at you, and took my time dialing the number - because 1. You don't know who you are f'n with! I am the receptionist that can disable your shit and ghost you where you stand. 2. Late for a meeting? How bout you sit and wait an extra couple of minutes compliments of moi. 3. who was it that you called when that baby bat was flyin around your desk trying to probably nest in that so called wig you wear? ME.........the next time- I will just let those bastards head dive and scream bonzai as they attack. Don't screw with me lady. I may not know all of your analytical jargon for the world of legal business but I do know the word- whoop ass....project beat down...and I also know how to phone a friend in which event I would call my girl Dixie because she is the closest and she would drive up here in her big confederate flag pasted truck that I lurve so much and we would have just given you a gumbo style backwoods redneck beat down. With a quickness. Don't even go there.... PS... Your a stupid attorney to not have caught on that I offered you one of menthos because your breath smelled like popcorn feet- not because I was being nice. heffa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I am freakin better people! Rollin Out!