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  • Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    C'mon people...I wanna talk about it..."ME"..that's right kiddies, my little pretties..I wanna talk about moi! Ya know...Mommas birthday is coming up. March 3 to be exact. and of course for my own health and well being I have to start the dilemma of getting back on track with my weight and all- because you know what- the older I get the more my ass starts to spread. I could easily walk off my job and become a booty dropper video girl. But alas, I choose not to be and would rather work on stacking paperclips and getting coffee or tea for the big man upstairs. delightful.

    Ok..so...I text my friend Hope last night and this was how this started out....

    Me- "Yo!"
    Me-"Hey, you think I should still take my iron pill while doing a lemon cleanse?
    Hope-"Ummmm....Guess so!"

    People...by the way..I lurve text messaging. I have more text minutes than regular phone minutes! You can text from anywhere. the toilet, the car, the bed...anywhere!.... and also it is really great to just all of a sudden see my phone light up and notice I have a text message. Such is the case with Hope and I.....We text each other throughout the day- night! it rawks...So..basically back to talking about moi, I was given this detox cleanse to try and I was looking over it and had been debating whether or not to try it... I am basically going to give it a go for at least 48hours.....Know what would be totally kool? If someone from my blog would do it with me....LOL Hey if I pass out, you pass out with me. Thats how we roll in the realm yo! But also, I want someone elses opinion and feedback.

    Actually, this is different from my other detox program. and ya know before I do any kind of weight loss program it's recommended to detox- then it helps speed things up a bit with whatever program your on....So- last night- I decided to *try* the colon flush...All you need for this is:

    A liter of warm water
    Pure non iodized sea salt *I got mine from Loco Moco -El Value supermarket. Mortons Salt now carries Sea Salt! so- if I could find this at Loco Moco, I know you guys can find it.* werd.

    I made a bottle of this last night- and drank it...ALL.....I added enough salt to where it tastes like salty water....May I just say that at 4 am my stomach started to line up with drummers, and by 4:30 am I was on the toilet praying for the calvary. Thar.She.Blows.
    People..I *feel* 500 pounds later... I have this "who ate the canary grin" on my face. I was in such great spirits that I immediately text Hope this morning. Sharing the love you know? only she wasn't all that thrilled and mentioned something along the lines of ewwwww...and chocolate fast...

    So......at this moment I am quite alert, my stomach is still playing the calvary....and I am counting on you all to give me a high five every now and then....got it???? Ok...I need to end this for now- cause I gotta get some water so I dont fall the hell out from loss of bodily fluid. So- if anyone is interested in this detox- I am posting it below. Let me know if you plan on doing it- so I can be your buddy... El-O-El...............

    Lemon Detox Cleanse- *Drink this all day....no food or anything else for up to 10 days if you want. Not even a chicklet.*
    How to Make Lemonade
    · 2 Tbsp lemon or lime juice (approx. 1/2 lemon)
    · 2 Tbsp genuine maple syrup (not maple flavored sugar syrup)
    · 1/10 Tsp cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste
    · Water, medium hot Combine the juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a 10 oz. glass and fill with medium hot water.
    (Cold water may be used if preferred.) Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned lemon or lime juice
    nor frozen lemonade or frozen juice. Use organic lemons when possible.

    As for the salt water cleanse-detox- it is best to do it in the morning on an empty stomach. So they say... give your self some adequate time though. Your in a hole if your stuck in traffic somewhere and your leakin poo. jus sayin yo. And I guess you drink 1 a day? I dunno...each person varies.