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  • Saturday, April 19, 2008

    As Promised yo! I am doing an entry today. Lurve me people! The Callistre is still here and rockin your world if only a few moments of a month here and there give and take. People- earthquakes, high gas- tornadoes, I say we are coming to the end of the world. Just let me get a few more laughs before it all goes to hell though know what I mean? I mean- I have seriously been in-along with my new job- a royal funk. I needed the time to get away. I just didn't come right out and say- Yo- I am having a mental break down of some sorts and need to get me back in clear space. Noooooooooooo..I blamed it all on my new job- which does take alot of my time because I now have to work and I cant sit and play on the pc all day long like i used to with Pele and Reddragonsagel. Yeah- we as Slick would call us do the hen thing- where we berate men. Only thing is though- since I am single I can berate the heck out of men and not have to worry about going home and staring one in the face. Cheers to me!

    Ohhhhh...lemme tell you about last night. I went over to my friends house- the guy I went out with- and he had a house full of amigos and Amiga's over for food- beer and song. Of course I never pass up a cold Modelo with ice shavings glistening on the can, and a plate of piping hot rice and beans and shaved pork. It was my highlight...well no..the poblano peppers on the side was the highlight. Anywho- after that wonderful meal and me trying to interpret what the conversation was about (because although I speak spanish it is limited and it takes me a moment to pick out a few key words to put it all together) I then looked at my friend and said- "Hey, can I drive your truck? Let's roll.... notice I didn't wait for an answer, I just got up- grabbed his hand and he threw me his truck keys and we were out like Elvis. See- he has the coolest pimped out sweetest F-150 that I have ever seen. Black with silver chrome wheels, tinted windows. I jumped in that baby and started her up and we cruised into downtown Atlanta while blaring the sounds of mariachi madness. I lurved it. and he lurved me. See...I am one that is a go getter you know? I wanna know all about you in 15 flat. So therefore- I pumped alot of questions about him and he ended up telling me his whole life's story. minus a social security number mind you. He then was hungry and we stopped in a little store for something to drink as I was still stuffed from rice and beans, and this is where I noticed the male dominance being played....

    See...all this time that I have known him which is about a year now, and us just having fun talking and hanging out without a care in the world, in this store I then became "mija- or baby" and then as I walked to the counter to pay for our cokes I felt his hand on the base of my spine in front of all these men in the store. Ok.....I must be honest....It has been a long time since I have had a man put his hand on my back and in that manner and I was not and am not feelin him in that way- and I about went ape shit on him, but I didn't..why? Because I did not want to embarrass him as a man....See...he in his own way I guess, was establishing some kind of protection with regards to me - perhaps being the only woman in the store? Or what not...I don't know...And by george when we got back to his house where the party was still going on- he once again proceeded to call me "baby" in front of the other men......Now- I don't know if this is a Latin thing, or if this guy is starting to dig me, but something has gotta give..I am so not wanting this guy to think he is becoming my man...I mean...it's cool for me in a sense to hang out with a male for the fun stuff because I miss that- but when it comes to anything more- I can become really mean and just roll...I don't stick around..and I don't wanna screw up a friendship because of my anger of how I think men are just dogs. plain and simple. Told y'all I was having some issues....

    Anywho- when we got back- I asked my friend- Eh compadre......? You play cards? Noooooooooo..I no good at cards....Ummmm..ok......play dominoes? Nooooooooooo..I no good at that.....wanna beer? he asks me... Nooooooooooooo...2 is my limit.....and then one of his friends says- I play dominoes! And it was on like sauce people. Me and two other men- who were drunk out of this world, being spanked by a woman in front of their spouses. They each won 1 game and I won 3. I also made sure I laid my knife out on the table so they knew who they were playing with.See? That's how we play in ghettomexico.....we gotta represent.....

    Alas, that is all that is happening in my world. I am still dealing with the IRS...this since January people. They kindly sent me a letter saying- "We have yet heard from you with regards to your payment of year so and so." I calmly and politely sent them a letter back saying- "And your reply with regards to payment for year so and so- is to inform you that when you send me mine, I will send you yours." I am basically over it people. We do not live in a give and take world anymore. Everyone wants something they feel is theirs right then and there, and yet when they owe you- your can't even get a whiff of a fart scent from them. whatever yo.

    Oh before I end this diddy- I have a few shout outs-

    Blither- make sure in a few days you call your crack head brother in law Michael and ask him what callie sent him in the mail. I am sure he would be please at my response. I sent him that with regards to the book club as only "CALLIE " can do.... Oh- you got something from me also. Hope it brightens your day.

    PETE in NZ...I know I suck at times, but guess what? I licked 5 stamps to send you a greeting from lil ole me. So I hope it gets to you in a week or two. I have no idea about mail delivery in New Zealand........

    And to others- I am still licking your stamps as well. Be proud that I am real enough to send you more than an internet greeting. werd.

    I gotta go now- I am hungry and I need to pick up my kid to spend quality time with him.

    holla people...I am lurvin you all.