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  • Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Ever heard that song yo?

    "Kiss me once, and Kiss me twice, and Kiss me once again, It's been a long, long, time" It was used as a commercial for OREOS years ago featuring Ruby Dee and Her hubby Ozzie. It was cute, they were cute...And yep. I got a confession....the guy that I have been hanging with planted one on me yesterday as he was leaving, and I just stood there....*laughs* no truly...I just....Well ok..this may seem really really strange...but as some of you know I have been going through the phase of celibacy. Actually I am now over the one year mark- and well it has been eye opening and enlightening because I learned alot of my self value and things of that nature. Anyways- I have not been intimate with anyone since I made that committment and though at times it was hard- I still went through it and I am quite pleased. Now- the stickler..because I went through -and I am still going through that period, I have found myself so non sexual and well the thoughts and all of that do not phase me as they used to. Kind of like getting rid of smoking or something. The craving dies away..and that is how I feel these days. so on last night after I finished making dinner and was just watching a movie, someone knocks at my door and it is "him"....he comes in- we sit on the sofa talk about our day and then I ask the question....

    "Look, I am not trying to be rude or anything but I need to know- what is going on or happening with us? Are we dating or something or what? What are you wanting or looking for?"

    He then tells me, "I like you....alot...yes, I want to date you."

    and there ya have it.....I just left it as a ok...I see.....I really don't have the words...I am just going day to day not even thinking about it, because I am behind my wall you know....Anyways- I know you perverts want some details- so let me skip to the point. After his visit of 3 hours because we watched a movie, and ate popcorn and drank soda *cream soda* I might add, he then looks at me and tells me he was going to leave so I can get some rest. I am polite and say I will walk you out. we get outside and he asks what time I get off work- will be home, if I want to get dinner- and then he looks at me and smiles- puts his hands around my waist and kisses me on the lips, and I guess I was in shock because I just stood there instead of hitting him and then he went in for a longer kiss and slipped me the tongue and I thought to myself this man may be short as all get out but he kisses really well...LOL

    I am so sick....So yeah...we kissed and then I wobble walked my butt back into the house with a smile on my face. Ahhhhhhh..what is wrong with me yo?????

    lurvin you all shawties!