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  • Monday, January 07, 2013

    I wanted to watch a movie I have only seen once and it was a looong time ago and well simply put I did.. Brokeback Mountain ya'll. Granted there was a LOT of flack about this movie, but I gotta tell ya, I cried like a bitch at the end. OMGeee.. I cried because I could feel what that man was feeling at the end, and bless his soul Keith Ledger- you rocked that shit from beginning to end. RIP .

    On the diatribe note.. Walmart sucks major donkey balls! first off I already have an issue with buying food where they sell clothes, rifles, underware, condoms, and phone cards. It's just really weird. But I ran out of food for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner and had to go to the closest place at the moment which was: WALLYWORLD. Now...I went in and headed straight to the frozen aisle to grab something... "healthy"...and do you know..the variety was Bocca...and Morningstar...Nothing else. so I ended up grabbing the only thing I knew was safe.. Gardenlight souffles..they rock....onward... I then went to the ladies section to buy tampons and pads. Ok..let me explain something... Women DO have favorite hygiene products. I personally was and am currently too far to hit the Healthfood store so I had to make do with the tampon brand that I have been using for years.. Kotex Superplus Plastic tampons- because those cardboard ones just get stuck in my vagina and she isnt happy and I am not happy with the tug of war that happens when they get stuck. And what happens when I go to look for my old brand.. They are completly out. not a one..So I had to go with a different brand....then I go for the pads..OK..another secret for all you men. Pads come in many different styles now. Scented. Unscented.Wings without Wings, Slender, Long, daytime, night time, thin, thick..get my point? I prefer the long- slender-overnights. Long covers the panty lines so you dont have an accident that shows up short in the back and or front. Slender to thin so I am not feeling like I have on a diaper..and overnight because for some reason when I am sleeping or in a relaxed state I bleed heavier. Sorry..but this is what happens with women. Onward.. They didnt have long-thin-overnights..Sooooo I had to buy a different brand... Then I went to get yogurt.. The Greek God yogurt...but guess what? No Greek God Yogurt..soooooo I bought something else.

    I got to the checkout and the lady asks: "Did you find everything you needed?" I politely said No Maam.. and wouldn't you know..she gets an attitude with me for answering... I didnt say a word. I just let it rolled off, scanned my card, grabbed my bag and kept it movin. I..dont like..Wallyworld.

    I do however like the fact I am taking off a day this week to just...VEG.....just...sigh....just dream...yep. I am following through with my New Year goals ya'll... Guess what? 2 months until my birthday... !!!! I know right...

    ciao bella!!