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  • Sunday, January 20, 2013

    Some believe that a Sex Kitten or the word *sexy* is to be a woman- tall, thin, long legged, buxom and just unbelievable full of sex energy 24 hours a day-  days a week. I can assure that is not what I think or feel. Though I am not bisexual * I love men too much* nor am I a Lesbian but I see women to be so beautiful and eccentric in ways. I see sex kittens all the time. It's just some women don't realize it.  I found this book I bought years ago- but I never read it. So- I took it upon myself to indulge in a glass of wine and a read. Here's my take though.

    Some interesting points:

    1. Women- in order to be a Sex Kitten you need a few things... a.) Imagination b.) confidence c.) panties...nice ones... It's ok to have granny panties for those cycle days but buy nice panties for the days you aren't ... Not only will it make you feel sexy but it's a good booster. don't forget bras! and for all that is holy- get your boobs measured!!! stop wearing shit that smothers your babies or are to loose to keep them in tact.

    2. Toys- ok...for some women maybe this is a taboo thing..but listen we are adults and I am telling you as an adult woman *Buy some toys* especially if you're single..LIKE ME..helloooooo... Buy discreetly from web sites. I recommend vibrators.. They seem to hit the spot quickly. Not only will these take the edge off from time to time. but..It won't give you an STD. you wont get pregnant. And if used correctly you will pass out into a blissful sleep afterwards. AND last but not least- it can come in handy if you have a partner. Have them entice you with it..or how ever many you buy.

    3. Imagination- Stop hiding behind the wall. This is one thing I have gone through in my life, and I really think it makes your life easier. Not just yours but everyone. You have to be able to express what you like and what you want.. You cant keep that shit bottled inside you. I think that is what contributes to people cheating sometimes. They are too afraid to allow their imaginations to take flight. If I am with a partner, I would want him to know what I like and or not . I would like for him to tell me the same things also. I want to know what stimulates his mind. I want him to be able to come to me and say: Babe, I would really like to do this or that. I am down for the cause.

    4. Confidence- I am still working in this area, but you know what? We as women are always going to complain about this or that when it comes to ourselves. It is our curse. We look at other women and compare ourselves to others. Even the top models...BUT you know what? we have to embrace ourselves...and we have to be confident in ourselves to accept us for us and work with what we got. I in the last 6 years or so have become good at this. And you know what- it gets easier. F' em if they can't take a joke.

    5. Educate Your Self: Learn something new all of the time. I love learning. It stimulates my mind. and you can stimulate others with all of your brain knowledge.

    6. Regimen- Do you have something special you like to do on a daily basis? or what have you? find one...do you for a while. I am a whore for organic soaps-body washes-candles- I love love love showers or baths..lol I can turn into a duck. Face masques. pedicures..omgeeee...

    7. Last but not least.. LOVE..- Love yourself...if you can't do that you will never be able to love. It's a reciprocation of sorts. trust.me.

    This my readers is the Definition of a Sex Kitten. puuuurrrrrr......