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  • Monday, October 23, 2006

    Good Morning Monday risers of a New Day!

    A new day it is.....You know on my blog of Friday I told you all that I didnt have anything weird or crazy to blog that I would see what I could muster up for the weekend? May I just say that the Weekend mustered up quite a bit for me that I didnt need to look for anything.......

    It started out with a text I got from my friend T...and for those of you that do not know about T- well she is my lesbian friend that I mentioned in one of my other blogs.. *Anywho* she sends me this text.........

    *are you coming to my moms birthday party tonight?*

    I do not pass up interesting party invites so I text her back asking her for a place and time. Well I rolled into this
    place around 9pm....... Well.....now I have entered the mode of comfort zone alertness..... Not that I have a problem with it, it is just experiences that test me.... T's family were all there and by the looks had started drinking people under the table.. She has the coolest family.......... and her Mom was having a blast...... I looked around and noticed there were absolutely no white people though...At the Barnacles that I used to frequent it was a mixture..Like skittles or M&Ms..here...it was straight up black...*laughs*..Oh there was one person that was white but he doesnt count. He was macking with his wife who was black, but he was all ODoG'd (Over Dosed On Gold) so he doesnt count in my book. So I was thinking, *cool*...Let's get this party started right... I ordered a Guiness, and a kamikaze shot for the birthday girl and myself.... After those drinks and sipping on my Guiness T and I along with her mother decided to hit the dance floor..... Now this people was funny.... Although I dance I first of all could not keep up with the music..I am sorry...I didnt know majority of them..... then T yells at me....

    T- "Hey, I bet you havent heard this song huh?"
    Me- "Nope, but its all good....."

    Suddenly this guy grabs my hand and starts to hump me.....*ewwww* I grab T and whisper loudly in her ear over the speakers....

    Me- "Gurl, do not leave me!"
    T- "You alright girl, if they get real rowdy I will have to beat their ass."
    Me- "Ok!"

    So I continue dancing with Mr. Man that was heavily laden with gold, chains, and of course a mouth full of Gold on every tooth. (I wasnt able to see his molars though) Our dance together then got weird because he grabbed my head and was pushing down on it, like as if he wanted me to give him an imaginary BJ, sorry dance over... I sat out on the sidelines and waited for T to finish dancing and then we ended up back at the table.......

    *Oh and by the way- Ms. Lady sitting in the bathroom handing out paper towels and tic tacs for 1.00, you suck. It wasnt even Red Lobster service that you were providing and you had your tip bucket out so everyone felt obligated to tip you... Not I....I carry my own essentials thank you very much.*

    An hour later the party starts to die out, and here is where my next adventure stems...

    T- "Hey you wanna go to another club with us?" Meaning T and her 2 friends... who are also Lesbians and very pretty ones I might add.....(Only I didnt know one of them was until she told me later...That is later on in my story..Keep reading blog hookers and pimps.)
    Me- "Sure where at?"
    T- "Near your house..."
    Me- "Ok.. thats better because I am out far anyways..."
    T- "Ok....It's a gay club for Lesbians....ok?"
    Me-...."Ummm Ok...sure"
    T- "You gonna be alright with that?"
    Me- "ummm yeah sure..lets go..."

    So we did... We get to this place and find a parking spot... T gives a cool pick up line to a few ladies that are adjusting make up and stuff and in the parking lot...

    T- "Damn, all of you are bringing sexy back."

    I laughed...

    Me- "T, if I heard that from a guys mouth I would die laughing thinking how lame, but coming from you and watching them giggle and stuff is funny as hell....."

    We get inside.....I think T picked up on my *never been in a lesbian club before* because she tells me:
    T- "You never knew there were so many huh?"
    Me- "no....never....."

    People....I have never seen so many lesbians in my life...... Big ones like men, short ones, feminine ones...Just......Just...ah hell I cannot explain...

    T- "what you drinking?"
    Me- "I need a shot....Kamikaze..."

    It was more than a shot, strong as all get out to where I could only drink half... We ended up going to the dance section of the club. I told T to go ahead and mingle that I would be fine.She asked her friend to stay with me...(This is the friend from her Moms party that I didnt know was gay until our conversation ensued.)

    She told me about the different classifications of lesbians.. There were Fems, who were feminine lesbians, there were studs who were boy type lesbians, and there were Go-Get Monsters, who from what she said wanted whatever whenever.....confused? yeah stay with me here... I then asked her the straight up question.....

    Me- "Are you a lesbian?"
    She- "Yes I am...she smiles..."
    She- "You didnt know?"
    Me-" no..sorry..I didnt know T was for the longest time until someone ousted her at lunch..I always thought she was just a tom boy...."

    She laughs...and then sits on my lap and starts to dance on my lap..... I think she knew I was kind of *oh my goshin* because she giggled and whispered that she didnt mean to make me uncomfortable...and yet she kept on..go figure.. She then got up to grab a drink...I still sat in the corner waiting for some *show* to start..... Minutes went by and I guess T got nervous because her other friend came looking for me, and grabbed my hand telling me to come sit with them...And wouldnt you just know it people.... I start the walk across the dance floor to the other side and what the hell happens...?

    Mysterious Voice- "Callie, hey girl!"
    Me- Oh shit.... "hey how are you?"

    Funny, how straight people when in a gay club or something of that nature, when they are ousted by someone that knows them, they start to sink or swim..In my case I did sink and tried to swim..She gave me this grin and kept staring at me as T's friend was holding my arm...

    Me- "Oh, I am here visiting..my friend is in the bar area...somewhere..."

    I knew then it was a lost case of explanation...She just kept smiling, and hugged me and I walked off.... The rest of the night shall I say was unique, in which I have never seen a fem, stud performance show... (I had often seen and knew a few drag queens that worked for me that invited me to their performances) and I watched a stripper that bounced around the floor....*interesting* I danced a few numbers- mainly by myself ( I didnt want to spoil T's fun) and then a few hours later it was time to go..... I got home around 2 am and was done.......

    Saturday- BlueLand People! I went to the hockey game and was stoked! I took my son and his 2 friends and we had a ball... Can I also just add that the goalie Kari Lehtonen #32 ROCKS! I wish I could give him a hug. he so does a great job as goalie for the Thrashers..*sighs with hearts in her eyes*And guess what I got photos which will be posted tomorrow! I will go more in depth about that tomorrow though so as to not bore you all........

    At any rate- hope you all had a grand weekend.....and yeah, I promise to post the lame photos so stop buggin me already. *smiles*

    Thought for the day-

    "You did good, next weekend I am taking you to a real strip show!"....... T on how to party with lesbians.