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  • Monday, January 22, 2007

    One of the many stupid things that I have done in my life was to allow a wanna be drag queen dye my hair. It was years ago and since I had been working in the fashion- photography industry for so many years, I figured that for a photo shoot for marketing that I would go with a particular theme which required a new look... I had spoken to this with my best friend, and roommate at the time about what it is was that I wanted to convey.

    ME- "For the new marketing idea and promo, I want a different look..I think I am going to go a tad blonde."

    SHE-"Ahhh Hooker, I don't think you should let Jimmy do it..."

    ME- "He said he graduated from sch0ol and all and if he can draw perfect eyebrows for that lady that shaved all of hers off by accident, I am sure he can do my hair..."

    SHE- "Hooker, I really don't think you should let him....."

    ME- "I will talk to him about it, and see what he thinks..."

    HIM- "Hooker! You are going to be the shit! We need to go shopping!"

    So off to shopping we went.. We bought all kinds of bottles of stuff, gloves, mixing bowls..I was excited, he was excited, Anne just kept repeating herself. We all got home, and Jimmy proceeded to do the hair jingle thing..meaning he walked around me in circles with all of his jewelry on making me think he was really doing a great job...

    HIM- "Hooker, we have to let this sit for just a moment ok?"
    ME- "Ok! I am so excited...!"

    Anne just looks at him, and rolls her eyes and looks at me and shakes her head... Well, Keep in mind that during this period, I notice Jimmy starts doing the *Oh MY* expression which became a famous things between all of us.. Basically it is when you bring both of your hands to face, and when you do not have the words to say you only muster and "Oh My"..Well, Jimmy starts to do this, and by this moment I am getting a tad sceptical...

    ME- "Jimmy, whats wrong?"
    Him- "Hooker I think it is time to rinse!"

    I go to the sink where he starts to rinse my hair and all I can hear him say is "Oh My" repeatedly... By this time Anne runs into the kitchen and she starts cussing.

    HER- "Damn it Jimmy, your a jackass!"
    ME- "What??? Someone tell me what the hell has happened!"
    Him- "Oh My!" "Hooker, feel it, your hair is so soft and silky!"

    And it was, so I assumed all was ok but not bad or worse until- Annes son and his fiance'e walk in the kitchen...I knew something went terribly wrong when she yelled - "Holy Shit" "Have you seen what Jackass did to your hair???"
    She grabbed me by the hand and led me to nearest restroom- where I let out a piercing scream...Instead of my hair looking like this-

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    It was looking like this-
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I so kid you the fuck not people! I remember slumping up against the wall in tears.. Anne cussing, Jimmy, has now been threatened and goes to make a mad dash back to the store to get a different color... He comes back and Anne puts me over the sink and starts to put the new color in...She is still cussing and telling me to stop crying, she would fix it... Only, little did we all know, that once bleaching your hair, any other color will rinse out, so my hair then turned to this color-


    needless to say my hair got worse by mornings end.. I went to work with orange hair, Anne and my Regional Manager called the salon in the mall and they rushed me in only *that jackass* added another color which then turned my hair into this color- PURPLE.

    I broke down and called my mom crying and told her of the mishap, and did I mention to you all that my hair started falling out in handfulls? So- my mom being in the hair industry for years tells me- "Don't cry.... go to the store and get a permanent black hair color with a bottle of conditoner, deep conditioner- and either cut all your hair, or get hair extensions put in to help your hair grow." And that is what I did...To this day, I only use all natural temp colors for my hair..Any experimental phase I have I now know to just buy hair and have someone add it into my natural hair..Ladies, I am telling you, listen to me, before you start doing shit to your heads, buy wigs and stuff first to at least get an idea, take a photo, and seek a professional.. DRAG QUEENS do not count!