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  • Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    I wish it was that of a purple haze perhaps..But alas, it is one of sheer *dunno what the heck is going on* .............Ummmmm... I recall Bette Midler cranking out a tune back in the day about Fall- and then Natalie Cole redid a remake of her fathers that was sung about the gloominess of Fall...ummmm perhaps that is what it is... Ya know? Fall is the season of things dying...It is a season where perhaps old habits die- where burdens are put to rest and then in Spring time things become new again.....At least that is how I am looking at it today as I type this and stare out into the gloomy overcast sky.......

    And yet- it gives me a little something to look forward too... I make the best hot chocolate in the world. By the time I finish you would think you were Agustus Glup from Willie Wonka drinking the chocolate river.... I make mine extra chocolaty- with real marshmallow creme people...And I bake...alot...cookies and cobbler to give away..I cook to give away because I am trying to maintain not getting the far and wide figure anymore than what I already got...Comprende'?

    Also- I start early on my Christmas cards and stuff...Example- the last care package I sent to KEV from Neracruz he didn't get it until a month later. That sucked major butt people..Which means I have to send his out this time in early November for he and Rimbina to get it by Christmas....... And then there are those of you that I am sending via US mail, and I am incorporating perhaps a gag gift for a few of you..Take Ed Philly for one..Of course he wants a freakin sports car..Sure- he will get one alright.... his will come in the brand of a Tonka........And take my good ole sistah in hawaii Pele...She wants I am sure something stunning that gives speed and excitement, I am hooking her up with one of those Super Dildos...Only because she is interested in finding out why it contorts...I am a true friend yo....And then, there are those of you that have basically everything, and I have to come up with something totally Callie........

    Like for my friend Pete in South Africa, and Pete in New Zealand...I mean you both live in great areas with so much...What can I- the great Callie bestow upon your doorsteps to top that awesome stuff you have in your backyards per'se.....ummmmmmmmmm...And then there is Blither....She likes...*stuff* as long as the box says To: Blither....she is happy..and I like people like that cause they are easy to please.....Oh lest I forget Jerr- I am sending him a blow up doll....Rex- gets tons of Avon cologne and soap to ward off skunk musk..... Dazd will get some kind of *Did you know* artifacts of moi- my friend Tookie will get a bottle of Jerry Curl juice and an afro pick for her fro..That Guy...well...You can come get yours in person...I know you miss my kisses...I got you covered...*winks* and the list goes on of people to spread this Fall-Seasonal cheer with..See???? I have alot to do to keep myself busy...............................

    Ok..I am rambling...sorry bout that...I am crampin and rambling at the same time...yo...... By the way.......I do have a question.....

    Why is it I am the only one that knows of the great James Brown classic- Santa Clause-go straight to the ghetto- song..People..I do not care if you are black yello-purple.. it is a James Brown staple.....!! It's like...Kool Aid and Sugar, Milk and Cereal.....Feet to shoes...ya gotta have it.....

    that was a random thought for ya'll to think about. Oh someone sent me a comment I did not post that stated I was not writing enough lately, and that I was kinda not funny...My response..Sorry yo...But you would not be so damn funny either if your twat was contracting and flooding the great hoover dam....This too shall pass yo. Give me some slack.

    Ok..I shall depart now....Oh- it is not I repeat...NOT to late to send me your addy if you want a Christmas- Holiday-Kwanzaa- Alamalaguina greeting from yours truly....So- you need to send it on to me via email- cause after the holidays I better not have any of you- send me anything asking: What about me?? blah blah blah...

    until then my peoples..Haze on....

    PS...Pete in NZ...I got your greeting and it RAWKS!!!! Thank you for thinking of me....!!!!!