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  • Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! It's that time people!!! Time to look at the crazy world we live in and perhaps relish in laughter at some the stupid things people do...Shall we begin here????

    1.Drugs hidden in Mr. Potato Head's head
    Australian officials say nearly 10.5 ounces of ecstacy inside toy
    Updated: 9:32 a.m. ET Oct 4, 2007
    SYDNEY, Australia - Customs officers discovered nearly 10.5 ounces of ecstasy tablets hidden inside a Mr. Potato Head toy sent to Australia from Ireland, the agency said Thursday. ( Now I can understand now why Mr. Potato Head always has that cheezy azz grin on his face. It's because he is HIGH! It doesn't bother him when someone takes off the eye brows, or poke an eye out, or even go so far as to make him a drag queen. He is HIGH off of X.....)

    2.This thief is on a roll
    Toilet paper lifter on loose in Wisconsin, 6 rolls a week stolen from building
    Updated: 4:47 a.m. ET Oct 1, 2007
    FOND DU LAC, Wis. - Someone is either too cheap to buy his own toilet paper or planning a big prank.
    Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel said someone has been repeatedly stealing toilet paper from the men's public bathrooms at the Fond du Lac City County Government Center since June. (People! THIS IS WHY!!)
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket any questions????

    3.After much sole-searching, man pleads guilty
    Wisconsin cable guy admits stealing more than 1,500 pairs of girls’ shoes

    WAUKESHA, Wis. - A man pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than 1,500 pairs of girls' shoes from area schools in a deal that calls for prosecutors to recommend probation. (My cable man gets off by sniffing my shoes........Ladies, lock your shoes up! I wonder if he likes a particular kind? Ya know?? I mean..Is he a sneaker sniffer-fondler, or does he appreciate the more stilleto types?)

    4.Apparently, he wanted a split-level
    Peeved Ohio man accused of sawing house in half
    — horizontally
    Updated: 4:12 p.m. ET Sept 26, 2007
    HILLSBORO, Ohio - A man angry that he wasn't going to be sold a house is accused of using a power saw to turn the abode into a convertible. (Does he REALLY still believe he will be given a house now??)

    5. Oct. 4: Police in Providence, R.I., arrest a man they found living in a secret apartment he built years ago inside a local shopping mall. WJAR-TV's Mario Hilario reports. (*laughs* I cannot even comment on this one.....)

    6. Outrage after stripper performs in City HallOct. 3: Members of a Florida city commission say they're outraged by what went on in their meeting chambers over the weekend. WPTV's Katie Brace reports. ( A Male Stripper, dropping it like it's hot not in an office, but the Court Room chambers! Your Honor, can we please be excused for a good hour or so- while I let the witness give his testimony by working it for my Fifty Dollar Bill?!?)

    7. Happy Valley, Oregon:Oregon man loses right to garden in nudeOct. 3: Steve Howatt's neighbors say they have seen more of him than they have wanted to for the past several months. KGW's Katherine Cook reports. (*laughs* I personally would not want to open my blinds and see some man bent over pulling weeds while staring at butt crack, saggy balls and hairyness of the loch ness in my backyard....Oh snaps! And then for him to face frontward and yell: Howdy Neighbor!!! ) PS....I guess Happy Valley, Oregon is not really Happy.

    8. In police car-mower chase, bet on the cop
    W.Va. man accused of trying to evade arrest while riding lawnmower drunk
    MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A man accused of drunken driving reportedly tried to outrun the police, but his vehicle wasn't up to the task. (This KILLS ME...I wonder if he felt like he was the Bandit- while being chased by Smokey...How many mpg do you think he got on that chase, and did he manage to created any neat designs on someones lawn while in pursuit. CLASSIC.)

    9. Does auto insurance cover back-seat sex?
    Man says wild intercourse by pair threw SUV off balance, leading to crash
    MOSCOW, Idaho - A 22-year-old carnival worker blames two friends having sexual intercourse in the back seat of his SUV for an accident in which his Chevrolet S-10 Blazer struck a telephone pole. (*Laughs* some of you all need to keep that to a minimum and wait till you get home, or in this guys case, the nearest Trailor Park or Carnival Parking lot.)

    and number 10 for the SWEETEST AWARD GOES TO..Drum roll pullleeeeeze:

    10.Vroom! Will you marry me?
    Man paints proposal on car, drives it through demolition derby
    BLOOMSBURG, Pa. - Marriage proposals have been displayed on billboards, announced on scoreboards and even written into newspaper crossword puzzles.
    Kevin Weaver’s engagement to Karen Slusser got off to a smashing start — he painted his proposal on a car and drove it in a demolition derby.Slusser, 47, of Mifflinville, knew Weaver was entering the derby. She saw him paint the car white and light blue, then top it with a stuffed bunny to advertise her rabbit-breeding business.
    But this past week, Weaver moved the car to a friend’s garage, saying he needed to keep it out of the rain. While it was hidden inside, he painted “Karen Slusser will u marry me?” from the hood along the driver’s side and up the trunk.
    He also attached a large stuffed ring — with fabric diamond — to the bunny’s paws.
    When the car appeared in the derby arena Saturday, Slusser read the message and her family cheered.
    Weaver finished third, then met Slusser at the gate to the drivers’ pit and asked for her answer.“Yes!” she said with a laugh.
    And with that, Weaver handed her a real diamond ring.

    (And with THAT ladies and gents I am outta here !)